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✅ Pros

It has magnetic charging case.
Review Pros
The Xfyro xS2s sound really good, with very crisp mids and highs, and rich bass, but not too overpowering.
With the 850 mAH power bank/bud case and the 45 mAH batteries built in to each earbud, you can squeeze out 6 full recharges with each earbud before you need to charge the case again.
The IP67 rating means that these are fully protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 1m of static water for up to 30 minutes.
You can choose from three ear tips provided with the xFyro xS2 wireless earbuds for better grip.
It has magnetic charging case.
They have excellent built quality.
Pairing the xFyro xS2 earbuds is a breeze using the latest Bluetooth 4.2 radio.
They’re nice looking buds, and pretty light too.
The xS2’s mid-range performance is good.
The frequency response consistency is excellent.
I’m not an audiophile, but I like the sound of these earbuds.
They have satisfactory power backup.
They have great fit that stays in.
The charging case also acts as powerbank.
They have nice magnetic charging/carrying case.
It is easy to clean.
They also have a nice case that feels premium.
The xFyro xS2 are IP67 certified, so they can be submerged at up to 1 m and for up to 30 minutes.
It offers crisp and clear sound quality.
The charging case is fueled by 850mAh and the xS2 earbuds have a battery capacity of 45mAh.
Their construction allows Aria earbuds to enjoy an IP67 waterproofing certification.
They sound acceptable.
The audio quality of these headphones is good.
The case measures 6.25 x 1.0 x .75″ inches, a pretty compact design.
It has top-notch build quality.
It is easy to use.
Like most in-ears, they are breathable and are stable enough for light physical activity.
It has decent design with IP67 rating.
Each of the earbuds weighs around 10g, making them fairly lightweight.
It has good feature set.
They have noise cancelling and isolation capability.
Speaking of making calls, the ARIA support stereo calling.
Isolation is decent at most.
They have stylish design.
It has reasonably balanced audio quality.
It allows you to control your phone with just the headphones.
They are easy to pair and good connectivity.
They are fully waterproof IP67.
They have sleek, ergonomic design.
If you use with charging case, the playing time can up to 50 hours.
It doesn’t get in the way of helmets or hats.
Much like other earphones, the ARIA provide full support for summoning Siri or the Google Assistant.
Fast charging is supported.
It is IP67 rated.
The IP67 waterproof rating means that these earbuds, including the case, are dust-proof.
They can easily fit in a pocket or bag and are easy to keep on you at all times.
The bass response on the headphones is probably the best thing about them.
The xS2 carries support Bluetooth 5.0 and 33ft (10m) Bluetooth range.
It can be paired with muliple phones.
It has excellent sound fidelity.
Quick charging works, but battery capacity is lower.
The grilles covering the nozzles can be easily removed by just pressing a thumbnail on them.
It has solid bluetooth connection.
They have great built and design.
The xS2 comes with a rich stereo sound and each note is crisp and clear.
The touch feeling is great.
Battery case can be used as a power bank.
It comes with IP67 waterproofing.
They can be used as a power bank.
The low miss are relatively warm and present, while the high mids, despite being cut a little, sound fine.
xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds sound fairly typical for this price range.
It has long battery life.
The headphones connect to your listening device through Bluetooth 5.0, and as such you’ll get a listening range of 10 meters, or 33 feet.
It offers decent sound experience.
They feature an all-black design with left and right indicators and a power button on each bud.
It has built in microphone.
It is lightweight and reasonably comfortable.
They are waterproof.
Fitting the xFyro xS2 earbuds into your ears is pretty straightforward.
It is waterproof.
You can get up to 32 hours of battery life out of the headphones by recharging them on-the-go using the magnetic charging case.
Independent from their case, these earbuds should be able to provide about 8-hours of music/talk time.
These earbuds are some of the most portable on the market right now.

❌ Cons

The way they’re built makes them almost impossible to keep in your ears.
They have sub-par battery life.
They are hard to set up.
They have rebranded generic Chinese design.
It has underwhelming battery life and voice prompts.
It is a bit expensive.
The only downside of these earbuds is that they don’t support multi-point connections.
Volume can only be controlled from your phone not the ear buds.
There are no volume controls on the earbuds.
They offer mediocre sound quality.
It offers only passive noise cancelling.
The shape can be slightly strange to adjust to for a few minutes after putting them on, likely due to their unique shape, but once you become accustomed to them (very quickly) they’re extremely comfortable.
They are too pricey.
For longterm benefit and enjoyment of your ear buds not use for water activities.
The audio quality lacks a bit in situations with high treble.
They have unsatisfactory audio quality.
Frankly, I don’t think these headphones are worth $200.
They have poor build quality.
Wireless connectivity only runs about 30-feet.
It has some connectivity issues.
It loses connectivity randomly at times.
Case doesn’t really protect the headphones and acts more as a power bank.
Neither the headphones nor the charging case feel very premium.
They are uncomfortable to wear.
Ear wings causes ears to pain after a while.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
They’re also easy to pair, easy to use, and the charging feature allows you not only to charge the buds 6 times on a single case charge, but also charge other devices in the process, which is a nifty additional feature. We even liked the simplicity of the on-board earbud controls. Nothing too fancy, they give you all the functionality you need without having to fumble through multiple buttons on such small pair of earphones.
Decent mixed usage headphones. They won’t have a great audio reproduction necessary for critical listening, but their portable design and good isolation performance make them an above-average choice for commuting and to use at the office. They are also stable enough for light sports activities, and their in-ear design won’t trap heat. However, they have higher-than-average Bluetooth latency and will not be suitable for gaming and watching TV.
Are the xFyro xS2 headphones the ones to get if you want budget true wireless headphones? Well, that depends. The fact is that the headphones look fine and sound decent, but they’re not very comfortable to wear and seem to have some issues with their wireless connection.
Their microphone goes above and beyond with CVC 6.0. With respect to audio quality, things sound pretty good. They are only marred by the absence of any extra noise cancelling technologies. Something like ANC or memory foam ear tips would have been a nice addition. But for earbuds in this price range, and for people who don’t have a reason to need extra-powerful noise isolation, Aria Wireless Earbuds are a bit of a no brainer.
The xFyro xS2 are decent headphones, but they are apparently out of their natural price positioning. If they costed around $50, some of their flaws would be acceptable considering how they sound, but at $125 they’re no match for headphones costing just $20 more that offer much better build, much better wireless connectivity and much better software support. Not to mention better support.
In conclusion, the xFyro xS2 is a great headphones which is suitable for those who want to get a budget true wireless earbuds. However, if you are a big fan of sports and want to wear them to do sports, please think it over.
It appears as if xFyro had some initial manufacturing issues that resulted in defective units being released.Those problems seem to be fixed now, and I appreciate how quickly the company has responded to those complaints. Overall, I consider the xFyro ARIA solid headphones that are worth a hundred bucks and that have some room for improvement.
The xFyro Aria delivers a wide-range of features with reasonable audio quality, making it one of the stand-out true wireless earbuds options on the market. If only it had a better battery life.
Overall, the xFyro xS2 have proven to be an excellent replacement to much more costly solutions, actually presenting more useful features than the majority of similar products. They look good, feel good, and sound exceptional – all while providing innovative and effective solutions to storage and usability. Priced with the dock included at $99, these buds are an absolute steal.
The xFyro xS2 are a decent pair of earbuds, offering a good sound quality (suitable for most, especially those that prefer a bit more bass – the audiophiles will want more), the build quality is good, the low profile makes them comfortable to wear (although the shape makes them prone to falling while exercising) and the Bluetooth connection is surprisingly good an stable. But, are these earbuds $200-good? No, the competitors from this price range offer a better experience. But are they $100-good? At this price point they’re indeed worth taking into consideration.
xFyro xS2 true wireless earbuds have a decent sound quality, excellent battery performance, and catchy eye design. However, it’s held back by a subpar mic, frequent connection drops, an uncomfortable design which don’t justify the $125 price.
The xFyro Aria are decent true wireless earbuds that attract with good features and affordable price. And while the headphones look fantastic on paper (with big promises), they’re less exciting in real life.There’s nothing majorly wrong with them, they’re actually decent headphones but due to questionable marketing decisions makes them harder to recommend.The over promoted and over promised features that aren’t reality leave a bad taste in your mouth.
We absolutely love these waterproof earbuds and they’ve really outshone themselve’s. Especially because we love our outdoor experiences and there is usually water involved. They have held up well to everything we’ve thrown at them and more.
Are xFyro xS2 any good? I would say yes because even if they lack in some department they make it even by excelling at other categories. The built quality is amazing, the battery life is extraordinary. These are a good fit for those who want a true wireless experience out of their earphones. The IP67 ratings make sure that they don’t get damaged by water and dust. It was a challenge at first to stick them properly inside the ears first but slight twisting it solved the problem. Overall it checks all the important boxes except the price tag. But if you ever get them on offer or sale then go for it, they are totally worth it.
The xFyro ARIA comes with great battery life, is waterproof, has more than decent volume considering that these are a pair of truly wireless earbuds. While the audio quality lacks a bit in situations with high treble, the earbuds still sound good to me. The only thing that I didn’t like about these earbuds is that I can’t wear them for longer periods of time due to the pressure caused by the ear wings. As I mentioned earlier, this might not be a problem for you. These earbuds may not be for the audiophiles out there but if you want a true wireless earbud with good enough audio quality and with good features at a decent price, then you may consider getting a pair of these.

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