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✅ Pros

We found the xTool D1 to be lightweight, so easy to move around but it’s stable enough to stay put once you have it in the position where you want it.
Review Pros
They have 30 days return policy.
It’s easy to adjust the laser module to fit various thicknesses of material.
It allows powerful engraving and cutting of multiple materials.
It is easy to swap between laser and blade tools.
xTool Creative Space works perfectly fine as a basic program.
It is more affordable than a CO2 laser.
It has removable base for expanded capabilities including rotary engraving.
It has quiet operation.
The xTool D1 is perfect for longer spans.
xTool D1 is a fast machine and operates at a notable high speed.
It has closed volume with exhaust air hose and ventilation.
The engraving area of D1 is more than enough to engrave a wide range of objects.
The 450nm diode lasers used on xTool D1 Pro can work on materials like wood, leather, paper, acrylic, fabric, rock, ceramic, glass, and metal like stainless steel.
It has received a lot of positive reviews.
The anodized red looks really good.
The machine has a very advanced controller board.
Machine can be connected via USB or a WiFi. And you can also control with a smartphone app on Android or iOS.
xTool D1 Pro is available with three laser power options, 5W, 10W, and 20W.
It cuts way better than I thought it would.
It will not disappoint even the most demanding user.
Machine stops when lid is open.
It has autofocus laser.
It comes with an autofocus laser.
It is a red dot winner machine.
The machine has dual lasers which combine to give a focus cutting spot of 0.08mm.
The provided metal sheet under the honeycomb protects the table/workbench surface on which the laser unit is sitting.
It comes with an intuitive software.
It has steel body construciton.
The Precision Focus design is brialliant and extremely helpful for cutting.
xTool D1 is an ideal choice for individuals looking for details.
They have built up a loyal customer base that appreciates them for their easy-to-use products.
Camera view enables you to more precisely position your project, with less waste and faster batch production.
The working area is 17″x16″, so there’s plenty of room to engrave a decent sized project.
It has small laser dot (.08x.08 mm).
Laser machines from xTool are well known for their mechanics and build quality. xTool D1 Pro also holds to the name with its all-metal build.
Rigidity of the frame is exceptional aiding in great accuracy.
The Makeblock xTool D1 laser engraver is a high-end, high quality laser engraver.
The most important thing in xTool D1 is the innovative diode laser that makes the output more powerful.
Working size is bigger than any other desktop laser I’ve owned.
It is nice size for hobbyists.
You can easily change between laser and knife.
The affordable price is the main selling point, in my opinion.
Double Diode 10W option is available.
The quality of the body, bearing and steel rod used is not of a beginner’s machine, but instead, a well-built machine expected to meet any part-time user’s demand.
The laser module has a built-in flame sensor.
2×2′ footprint allows for some decent sized projects.
It has exceptional accuracy.
D1 is the ideal pick for users who want to begin engraving without a prior understanding of the subject.
It has top speed of 10,000 mm/min.
This machine is optimized for human creativity rather than robotic input and output.
The outstanding repeat positioning accuracy of D1 sets it apart from other machines.
The variety of materials that you can cut or engrave with the M1 is totally worth the upgrade.
It is easy to use with the right amount of figure it out along the way.
The xTool Creative Space is a great way to get started and meet any starter’s limited requirements.
Camera view simplifies positioning.
You can engrave directly onto stainless steel without adding a coating.
It has large working area, safely enclosed and a fan to drew away fumes.
The brand’s machines are beginner-friendly, which is great because the art of engraving can often feel tough and unwelcoming.
The xTool website ships the unit directly to the customer.
This Cutting laser machine has a broad customer target.
A user can share the data on this device with multiple options.
Wide selections of materials are supported.
Expandable accessories improve performance, power, ventilation, and even cylindrical objects.
The accuracy of xTool D1 is praiseworthy.
The machine is built to last for a long time.
The Makeblock xTool D1 is also a very capable laser cutter.
Regardless of the model you select, the work area provided by xTool D1 pro is comparatively larger than other popular laser engraving machines like Comgrow Z1 and Atomstack X7.
It has metal wheels and rods.
On xTool D1, there are 4 proximity limit switches along the XY axes to detect if the laser head touches any of the 4 frames. This allows you to work with absolute coordinates.

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❌ Cons

Some mixed reviews said that the brand’s customer service wasn’t always the best and that the instruction manuals weren’t as clear as they should be.
It comes at a premium price.
Only one style of blade is available.
This machine requires a lot of material and cut setting testing.
You’ll be spending almost 5 times that amount on getting the 5W version and even more to step up to the 10W.
A resume function would be nice as would be a way to pause a job.
It is not compatible with LightBurn, so you’ll need to learn new software.
It has very slow cut and engrave speed.
This machine is considerably slower.
Not all products get free shipping.
It is not compatible with LightBurn.
It is a little loud however the big cooling fan has a big job to do and a cool diode laser is a happy diode laser.
It can’t cut all acrylic colors.
There is no air assist.
It includes a full-sized aluminum plate that matches the useable work area.
Any heavy user will find the XCS is limited in mostly designing parts and will mostly find light burn as their go-to solution.
xTool D1 does not have a limit switch in the current model.
In the case of plywood, the laser lens and the light barriers must be cleaned frequently because of the smoke that occurs when the glue burns.
There is no emergency stop button on the machine.
The applications only support engraving at the moment, so you cannot use them for cutting.
It is light on the safety features.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The xTool M1* is worthwhile for anyone who would like to free his/hers creativity at home. If it could 3D print, it would be the perfect maker tool! But even without 3D printing, you can create endless objects with it. Due to its high quality and the reproducible good results, it is also suitable to earn money with your own business or to fill the household budget a little!
While I can’t speak for the more experienced laser tool engravers, the number of xTool reviews that came from newbies who said that the tools were a great way for them to begin leads me to this conclusion: xTool’s items are worth it for people who want to start engraving.
xTool D1 Pro is a great tie-breaker in the crowded laser market. With its 20W laser output power, you can cut and engrave many different materials. It also allows you to do the same job at twice the speed of other lasers, thereby reducing the work cycle and increasing productivity. xTool D1 Pro is a good choice for hobbyists and small/medium-level businesses.
xTool D1 pro is a wonderful machine for anyone who wants to get started with laser engraving. The quality of the body, bearing and steel rod used is not of a beginner’s machine, but instead, a well-built machine expected to meet any part-time user’s demand. However, the more ways one tries to make use of their machine, the more challenges one will have to resolve. This is normal with anything, as the more familiarity/experience one gain, the more one demand the machine they have and look for ways to save time if possible.
If you are looking for an engraving machine as a beginner or professional, xTool D1 is an ideal laser engraving and cutting machine that is worth every penny.
Makeblock xTool D1 is a very well thought out machine. Precise, fast and solidly built. It comes at a premium price, but it is worth it for someone that wants a good and almost an industrial grade table top laser engraver capable of fast cutting and precise engraving thanks to a powerful 10W laser module. Ideal for a good hobby or a small business.
If you’re on a budget and just want to make projects for yourself or your family and friends or do small runs of products, then it’s definitely a capable laser. Overall it’s a great entry machine if you’re looking to dip your toes in the laser cutting water.
This brand offers higher product quality than other competitors. So are you ready to have a highly cutting-edge machine that provides precise laser cutting in your home? Go check them out!
What’s not to love. We had a ball playing with this. In our opinion the machine is everything a hobby crafter could want. It’s lightweight, easy to set up and although we had a bit of a hiccup when trying to put it together, once we got through that, the machine worked perfectly.
I’ll be honest, I was really skeptical of this machine. I had seen a few reviews of the 5W xTool M1, and I didn’t think I really wanted to try it. But, this machine surprised the heck out of me. I can 1000% percent see that a lot of you will LOVE this machine. It may even be the best budget friendly laser engraver you can buy. Gaining the ability to add wood, acrylic, and metal to the materials you can craft with is an amazing feeling.
xTool D1 is a high-end and creative cutting and diode laser engraving machine. It is a top machine for most designers and has recently acquired the Red Dot winner position, making it the finest engraving and cutting machine available for creators.
An incredibly capable machine that’ll look at home in any home or office environment. At $1000, it’s about two or three times the cost of a basic budget 10W laser engraver. But for that, you’re getting a much safer, enclosed design that draws away harmful fumes, as well as an incredibly useful camera. And of course, the ability to fit a blade tool for cutting heat transfer vinyl and fabrics. Is this the ultimate maker machine? Quite possibly.
It has exceptional accuracy and cuts way better than I thought it would. The Precision Focus design is brialliant and extremely helpful for cutting. Although I didn’t mention it, it is a little loud however the big cooling fan has a big job to do and a cool diode laser is a happy diode laser.
The xTool D1 Pro laser engraver and cutter is a very cool machine that has a ton of capability and can be customized to tackle more as you need it to. If your goal is to engrave, cut, and make projects for sale, I believe that this would pay for itself pretty quickly and might just be the workhorse you’re looking for. The main recommendations would be to pick up the enclosure for ventilation and a full-size aluminum plate to protect whatever surface you set it on.
Makeblock recently released a brand new diode laser engraver. It’s got the nicest build quality and highest-powered laser module of any machine I’ve tested. But, unfortunately, the premium hardware side comes with a cost, and it’s not just the money.

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