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✅ Pros

The standard 510-thread connection works well for attaching the components easily.
Review Pros
It comes with long lasting battery.
Powering the Yocan Evolve Plus concentrate vape pen is a 1100mAh battery, which is double than what’s found in most portable vaporizer pens.
The Evolve vaporizer pen also comes with a built-in vaporizer jar that makes it easier to take your concentrates with you.
It has 10 second pre-heat feature (2 button clicks).
While it’s not nearly as narrow as an oil pen, it’s still very portable and carries very well.
The Yocan Magneto ceramic coil allows for huge, strong, and clean hits for you as the consumer while vaping.
It has nice battery capacity (1100 mAh).
It uses dual quartz atomizer.
An 1100mAh battery is something you normally don’t find on most wax pens.
It has three adjustable voltage settings.
Yocan Vape has many partners around the world, from wholesale partners to resale partners.
It feels sturdy like the Linx Ember Wax Pen in the hands and performed without issue during our testing.
There is perfect amount of airflow.
The sturdiness of the threaded stainless steel components of the Yocan Evolve Plus adds to the overall experience of the vaporizer.
With reference to the OLED display, you can adjust the temperature in single degree increments all the way up to 480°F/249°C.
This device is extremely straightforward to use.
It comes with dual quartz atomizer.
It has built-in silicone jar for discreet storage.
It has adjustable airflow valve for customizable flavor and vapor density.
Only 1400mAh of juice is packed inside.
It is a portable device, having everything that you need to take with you to wax or concentrate all together.
It has built-in ceramic container.
The materials that are used to make the vaporizer also mean that there won’t be leaks-helping you bring it wherever and not worry about any mishaps.
It has compact and handy design.
As far as discreteness goes, it’s pretty inconspicuous and lowkey.
It is easy to find locally.
Four quartz coils provide efficient dabbing and big draws.
Yocan Vape is sold and shipped to many countries around the globe.
It has instant heating time.
There are zero leakage issues.
It has strong magnetic top cap.
It has a lower price with better quality.
It has greater tasting flavor.
This unit also has a handy container which is located on the opposite side from the mouthpiece.
It has built-in storage compartment.
The Yocan Armor has a small coil which is enough for vapers who are just starting to vape extracts.
The vapor quality is good for its price range.
It comes with a good quality concentrate tool.
There is built-in silicone jar for discreet storage.
The Yocan Magneto wax vaporizer comes in at 112.6mm x 19mm, making it an easy and convenient size.
It is competitively priced.
The seamless threading of the well-appointed stainless-steel components of this vaporizer can be very rewarding to assemble.
In our tests, we found with moderate usage we were easily about to go a couple of days before needing to charge our Evolve Plus.
The Evolve has pass-through charging technology so you can vape while the device is charging.
The signature Yocan coil cap makes it mess free.
Using this device is about as easy as they come.
There is a magnetic connection between the atomizer tube and base.
With a regimented, regular cleaning schedule, the Yocan Evolve Plus presents a good return on investment.
You can fully charge the vape pen in 4 to 5 hours via micro-USB.
Yocan Evolve Plus has a pretty decent vapor quality, thanks to its dual-quartz atomizer.
With their dedicated technology development team, Yocan has patented designs on their vapes.
It heats up quickly, at about 10 seconds, you can start your session.
Yocan implemented a unique dual quartz coil atomizer to evenly heat your concentrate and bring out your material’s flavor profiles, delivering dense, rich vapor.
It’s slim and perfect to travel with.
It’s fairly decent for such an affordable device.
Everything is meticulously inspected before being shipped around the world to be sold.
This concentrate vape pen is powered by a 1100mAh battery.
The Evolve Plus also features a built-in silicone wax container which makes taking your concentrates with you much easier.
It has very low price.
It has decent battery capacity.
It comes with improved safety features.
Vapor production is alright, considering the price and size of the unit.
This unit is made from pure metal and comes in silver, black, red, blue or orange.
With the USB charger, you can charge the device pretty much anywhere you go, which is convenient.
Yocan Armor is an easy-to-use device.
The Yocan Evolve features 15 seconds of continuous heat on an extended button hold.
All of Yocan’s products have received CE, RoHS, and FCC certification. Through these certifications, quality can always be guaranteed.
It charges in about 30 minutes.
It includes extra quartz coil, dab tool, and lanyard.
It uses the new USB-C standard which is well appreciated.
It has instant heating time.
For the price, the Yocan Evolve Plus is a well put together wax pen.

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❌ Cons

The integrated stir tool is a wonderful and an effective addition.
Warranty time period has not been mentioned.
The 380mah battery. It’s not terrible but you will have to recharge after a decent session.
The unique temperature setting might not please everyone.
It offers less flexibility.
It has non-adjustable airflow.
The XL’s front light can be difficult to see during the daytime.
The Yocan Vape website is a bit overwhelming.
There is only one set temperature on the Yocan Evolve Plus, which is a bit of a disappointment.
Other than pulsing the XL’s front button, there’s no way to adjust the temperature.
Like most dab pens, the Evolve Plus XL can leak (and waste) concentrate if you’re not careful after using.
The mouthpiece is made out of stainless steel which gets warm especially if you’re using the Armor for a while.
The design is a little bit awkward since you need to twist it to expose the coil rather than just pulling it out like you normally do.
It has non-adjustable airflow.
The vapor quality on the Yocan Evolve Plus is just average.
One of the things we didn’t really like about Yocan Vape is that it doesn’t have a lot of information on who the company is and the origins and founders.
It has smaller 2ml tank.
Evolve Plus can prove to be a bit more than bargained for in terms of cleaning.
Only one coil cap comes with this kit. Don’t lose it.
Lacking a tangible warranty, the replacement of certain components may come back to your original point of purchase.
The design is a bit boring.
The Evolve Plus is made only for concentrates – primarily wax.
The design isn’t really groundbreaking or jaw-dropping.
There is only one temperature setting.
Only one coil cap is included.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The best feature on the Yocan Evolve Plus is the battery, because it’s truly superior compared to most vaporizers in this price range. I think that this particular feature is a great reason to buy this device but only if you’re planning to frequently use it while you’re out and about, because the extended battery life doesn’t really have a purpose if you’re only going to vape in the comfort of your condo.
The coil cap prevents having to deal with a messy vape which will actually save your material from being wasted in the tubing of the device. Much like the other devices by Yocan, the Yocan Armor is well built and slim, making it great for the on the go vaper.
If you’re a concentrate user, then the Yocan Evolve Plus vape pen is for you. It’s a perfect starter concentrate pen for the price point that delivers flavorful vapor with each draw. Plus, the battery will get you through extended sessions and the built-in stash jar makes it easy to carry your materials. The icing on the cake is you have two different coil options to pick from, a ceramic donut and dual quartz, creating a puer experience unlike any other.
If you already own the Magneto or Evolve Plus, there aren’t a ton of reasons to upgrade to the Regen, aside from the ability to adjust the voltage. That being said, if you’re in the market for the latest dab pen that Yocan has to offer, this is easily one of the better options for regular usage.
The Yocan Lit is a good device with good quality and gives efficiency at a reasonable price. It is simple and convenient to ensure that vape users fall in love with it every day. It is not wrong to believe that this device is one of the best for beginners because it is easy to use and it is easy to fill. You do not need to carry out special maintenance to keep this device serving you for a very long time.
I travel full-time, bicycle about 4,000 miles a year, and appreciate high-quality cannabis concentrates. With its quad coil titanium chamber, 1400mah battery, magnetic mouthpiece, and onboard silicone storage container, I’ve found the Yocan Evolve Plus XL offers a lot of power for a low price. The vaporizer’s easy to load, less messy than many other options I’ve tried, and makes an ideal on-the-go solution by stashing in my jersey pocket for mid-ride breaks.
The Yocan Evolve Plus is an affordable vape that is a great choice for occasional vape users and novices that are looking for a wax pen that will last long and deliver decent vapor quality. The storage container for wax on the unit itself is a nice touch that does set the unit apart from some other devices at its price point. However, experienced vape users will probably want some kind of temperature flexibility and a bit higher vapor quality with their concentrate vapes.
Overall the Yocan Evolve Plus is a competent starter wax pen, especially for the price. The battery life and included storage system are welcome perks, but vapor quality is just average. If you are interested in picking one up, you can grab one right from our shop. Don’t forget to get a pack of Yocan Evolve Plus Replacement Coils alongside it as well.
Well, it’s a decent device, it’s a budget dry herb vape in a crowded market and while it doesn’t quite stand out in any regard, it’s okay. It performs fine, it looks good, it’s portable, and the integrated stir tool is really handy. Bonus for USB-C charging, even if the battery is a bit small!
Overall, the Armor is an inexpensive vape pen that gets the job done. It’s simple, portable, and the quality is good for its price. The vapor is not the best but pretty decent for first-time vapers. However, I’ve been testing Yocan vaporizers for a while, and the Armor isn’t the Yocan’s most quality vape in their product line—it’s average at best.
At the price point, the Yocan Evolve Plus presents excellent value. This vaporizer does an excellent job in the realm of immediate heating, pull/draw, and design. However, the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer can be a bit tricky to keep clean and requires adequate care and maintenance for the best results. If it doesn’t sound like this advanced rig is going to fit your lifestyle, there are plenty of other vaporizers on the market that require little prep work before you can take your first draw and minimal maintenance between uses.
The Yocan line remains consistent and offers us here a reliable vaporizer that gets the job done. With Evolve Plus, you will get a pleasant experience without too many surprises, and that is the aspect we like: you know what to expect.
Overall, this is a nifty little vaporizer for wax is highly portable and allows you to take your materials with you on the go with great ease. You can use it during your travels for an extended period with its long-lasting battery, and never once have to worry about its flavor or vapor production.
The magnetized connections, size, and ease at which you can travel and charge, this vaporizer holds a strong benefit. Having everything all in one, including the dab tool, is an innovation that could move to the creation of different wax vaporizers in the future, and we are here for it. If you are an on the go kind of vaporizer, this may be the one for you.
With many different patents, Yocan has incorporated a lot of its own technology into its devices which cannot be acquired anywhere else, truly making Yocan Vape products unique. As for the prices, the pens are not too expensive but can get pretty pricey depending on which features you are looking for. But they are definitely a good buy, considering how high quality and dependable the Yocan Vapes are.

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