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✅ Pros

It does have decent staying power.
Review Pros
With almost 10 years of cosmetic manufacturing experience under its belt, you can trust this C-beauty brand to be ahead of the latest trends.
It works well and does what it is supposed to.
The shimmer shades are pretty and the mattes are decent.
It is a decent powder.
There are 6 mattes and 4 shimmers/glitters to play with.
The holygrail Zeesea powder is perfect for girls who need a little more coverage on top of their foundation.
Most of the shimmers are also glittery and they are good.
The finely milled powder boasts light to medium coverage and have superb water-resistant properties.
The palette is so aesthetic that I was blinded by how pretty it is but when I stopped to think about it.
The company also has a collection with the British Museum.
Their website states they are cruelty-free.
The packaging is really nice.
The lids of these palettes have a snow globe effect where glitter cascades down.
The brand produced beautiful Van Gogh and Picasso makeup masterpieces that are definitely worth collecting.
Zeesea’s collaborations with The British Museum and The National Gallery is perfect for all artsy-fartsy beautyholics.
There are six different palettes with beautiful Egyptian designs on the packaging.
Their mattes are buildable and blend very easily.

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❌ Cons

There is a limited variety of eye looks.
There is no full unifying concept for this palette.
It fades a little bit even with primer on.
Zeesea is one of those brands where the product is good but not excellent.
There are better palette , especially at the price point that it’s advertised at.

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Review Summaries
I have purchased the Scarab palette, which has many pink shades. The shimmer shades are pretty and the mattes are decent. However, there are a limited variety of eye looks.
On a scale of 1-10, I’d place this on a 6? It’s a quite decent palette but there are better, especially at the price point that it’s advertised at. If you love the color story and the aesthetics though and you think USD35 is a good price for it, then go for it! It’s decent. However if you are buying this to use as a complete palette and maybe hit pan, maybe buy a different one.
Whether it’s the Perfect Diary eyeshadow palettes or the ZEESEA pressed powder, these quality C-beauty cosmetics will surpass your expectations and bring you more inspiration in your beauty adventure.
Zeesea is one of those brands where the product is good, but not excellent but the packaging is collectable. It is also interesting as to what they have up on their website ant any given time. sometimes you can find what you want and other times entire collections disappear only to reappear a few months later.

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