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✅ Pros

ZenLedger charges you according to the amount of transactions you made.
Review Pros
It offers global solution as opposed to just focusing on the US.
The platform is very well suited to those who deal with EOS.
It has heavy support for DeFi applications.
Additional support is available via tax professionals.
It also offers a seamless integration with traditional tax calculators like TurboTax streamlining the whole reporting process directly to IRS.
ZenLedger has three pricing options.
Premium customer support available for all users.
It can help you come up with some tax-saving strategies.
Getting started is really easy.
CPAs can also access your Zenledger account once allowed.
It supports multiple exchanges.
ZenLedger also provides customers with the services of licensed tax attorneys, or accountants.
ZenLedger has interactive UI and customer support.
It has great UI and customer support.
Users can simply input trades, calculate taxes, and autofill relevant forms.
It supports USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.
The platform also offers a CPA suite for accountants that collaborate with cryptocurrency holders.
Awesome tools are integrated.
It gives access to CPAs and tax advisors.
They also provide profit/loss statements for you and your CPA or tax preparer.
The team has extensive experience in finance and technology.
ZenLedger also features a loss calculator that suggests potentially advantageous tax strategies before December so you have time to implement them.
They are integrated with leading exchanges and support all the major crypto and fiat currencies.
The Zenledger team will connect you to a crypto tax professional (Tax Attorney, Accountant CPA, and/or Enrolled Agent) to get your taxes done quickly and easily with the smartest tax strategies.
It also allows transfers tracking.
ZenLedger is following all best practices from the cyber security industry and has had no issues with data breaches in its history.
It supports a wide range of coins.
There is a free option for new crypto traders.
It keeps track of your crypto portfolio.
It integrates with leading crypto exchanges and wallets to gather trading data and automatically calculate and create tax reports.
It is compatible with DeFi applications.
It supports a wide range of exchanges, wallets, and coins + DeFi.
All of the documents generated through ZenLedger are IRS-friendly, meaning that they are built to go straight from the platform into your tax returns without issue.
ZenLedger’s unique perk is that it’s officially partnered with TurboTax.
ZenLedger is a simple way to calculate your crypto taxes in a simple interface.
TurboTax integration is offered, thus ensuring that clients can easily carry out their final tax calculations, for accurate reporting.
It integrates with TurboTax Calculator.
It provides excellent features even in its free package.
It allows TurboTax integration.
Users can also turn on the 2FA layer of protection and email notifications on login to protect their accounts.

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❌ Cons

Entry-level support for tax professional assistance is pricey.
ZenLedger is a bit more pricey in comparison to its main rivals.
It is not fully integrated with relevant exchanges yet.
DeFi integration is available in expensive packages.
DeFi support is only available for higher-end user tiers.
It doesn’t localize forms.
It is priced higher than competitors.
DeFi support is only available in pricey packages.
It is only established since 2017.
It does not localize forms other than the US.
Localized tax forms are only available in the United States.
Localized tax form support is only available in the United States.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Many people often vouch for ZenLedger as one of the fastest and friendliest tax tools for cryptocurrency traders, investors, and accountants. The website is well-known for its broad coverage, multiple currency/exchange support, IRS friendly integrations, and multiple payment plans. A unique aspect about ZenLedger is its personalized tax service, as the platform facilitates collaborations between clients and tax attorneys and CPAs.
ZenLedger is not just focused on the US. They are planning on supporting all global currencies and currently support USD, GBP, EUR, and JPY. Any user can input transactions in different ledgers and get an aggregated result which will be more suitable for filing their taxes. Zenledger is also partnering up with CPA firms and cryptocurrency hedge funds to facilitate users being linked up with these.
When it comes to cryptocurrency taxes, ZenLedger stands its ground. The platform has a free package, supports multiple exchanges, offers advanced DeFi integration, and supports TurboTax.
ZenLedger’s unique perk is that it’s officially partnered with TurboTax. If you use TurboTax and ZenLedger together, you can trust that the two software programs will talk to each other at tax time and easily exchange the necessary information.
Although the tools come at a bit pricey range compared to its rivals, namely, CoinTracker and CryptoTrader; their pricing is more manageable than you think. The platform also includes features like connecting with your CPA or traditional tax calculator which are accessible via TurboTax- all at a manageable price!
Built by expert industry veterans in technology, finance, and accounting. Therefore, ZenLedger allows you to easily import crypto transactions, calculate gains and income, and prepare your tax returns. Cryptocurrency investors control their portfolio, generate profit-loss statements, file their taxes, and avoid IRS audits by using ZenLedger.
Simply put, ZenLedger is one of the best options on the market for those who are new to crypto taxation or the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Yes, the interface is extremely user friendly, but ZenLedger’s high utility for beginners go far beyond having an easy-to-use app.
ZenLedger is a simple way to calculate your crypto taxes in a simple interface. They are integrated with leading exchanges and support all the major crypto and fiat currencies.
ZenLedger is a bit more pricey in comparison to its main rivals: CryptoTrader.Tax or However, it does go above and beyond for its customers: starting with their stellar support to added features like “done for you taxes” or invite your own CPA. This and constant adding of new exchanges and wallets that can be imported directly into the tool make it a serious contender for the tile of the best cryptocurrency tax software in 2020 and beyond.

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