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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It is easy to use.
Review Pros
You can edit and update your file after you’ve published.
You can also pick your font colors and type of font.
It is a massive time saver.
There is no need for complicated software.
It allows automatic transcribing the speech in your video.
You can resize your videos instantly.
You can edit the background colour for your captions, keeping everything on brand.
It costs half the price of hiring a virtual assistant.
It transcribes your voice in video and turns it to captions.
The support of Zubtitle is good.
You can download .txt & .srt transcription files.
You can change the font and colors to match your branding.
Zubtitle allows users to save time.
It has a clean and easy to use interface.
There is a lot of training to get you started.
It has great features like automatic transcribing.
With modern, clean and professional look, videos really do stand out.
The Zubtitle is compatible with lots of devices.
You can quickly and easily edit the aspect ratio.
With this video-making app, you will save at least an hour trying to get the captions and titles correct for your next video.
You can try out this app for free with 1 video.
You can add a progress bar to capture your audience’s attention.
You can edit files after you’ve published.
You can convert transcribes into captions in minutes.
Zubtitle is available as a web-based video editor and also works on iOs and Android devices.
The Zubtitle design is good.
You can easily edit on mobile or desktop.
It has an excellent auto-transcription feature.
Less prolific creators can render 1 video per month for free.
You do not require to edit any video.
The whole process takes minutes and you won’t need to download any software – it all happens right within your browser.
It is easy and simple to use.
Zubtitle helps people to follow with interest quickly.
It allows you to choose from a range of fonts and caption styles.
Chances are, you won’t be needing expensive and complicated editing tools anymore.
Videos are edited and transcribed in minutes.
You can refer a friend to get 50% off.
It has all the features you need to repurpose your videos.
You can add captions & progress bars.
The cost of Zubtitle is half than what would be spent in hiring the services of a virtual assistant for adding captions and editing videos.
Zubtitle is capable of automatically transcribing the spoken words in the video and add them as captions.
You can download .txt or .srt for every video (otherwise known as a text or SubRip Subtitle file) so you can repurpose.
The Zubtitle software is safe to use.
You can add headlines to your video, making them ultra-attractive to people scrolling their social feeds.
You can size your video into different sizes and repurpose them for the different social networks.
You can edit the captions easily.

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❌ Cons

You cannot download the edited video straight your mobile- this has to be done on PC.
There is no affiliate Program.
It lacks a desktop application.
It could use a few more style options for the captions and styling customisation.
It can be expensive if you don’t use everyday.
You cannot edit the video in Zubtitle.
It could use a few more styling options.
It supports English only.
It is not in a app form yet.
Captioning only works for videos up to 20 mins.
It allows only one free trial video.
It has somewhat new UI, but easy to understand.
Plans are based on number of videos rather than minutes 10 videos per month for standard or 30 videos per month for elite.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
At Zubtitle, they set out to build the first automated, on-demand tool to add captions to videos. Not only that but they wanted to save you time. The founders knew that once a video is made that people want to get it published out on social networks fast. Who wants to watch old news today?
I recommend Zubtitle especially if you’re a content creator, a marketer, or have any type of online business. Using Zubtitle can help you create super engaging videos using their high end features.
Videos are so powerful to gain visibility and engagement for your business and with a tool like Zubtitle, you can easily transform and repurpose your videos without having to invest much more time or money.
Over-all Zubtitle worked extremely well at detecting the speech and converting into captions. Downloading from my iPhone was instant to a third party. However I contacted support because i could not post it on social media from my iPhone. Pleased to say I received a very prompt reply. In short his advice was to not share the download link itself. Instead i should download the mp4 video file and then upload to social media.
Whilst Zubtitle won’t make or break your business if you are creating and sharing videos on social media on the regular basis. There is a strong use case and is a far more affordable option than hiring freelancers or virtual assistants to complete your video editing or transcribing.
Zubtitle is a video captioning application which helps you increase your video reach by adding captions to the video. With this application, you can add captions to your video effortlessly.
I’d recommend Zubtitle to anyone that’s interested in creating social media videos fast and easily without the need to learn video editing.
If you’re looking for a tool that makes adding captions quick and easy – Zubtitle is an option for you. Simply upload your video to Zubtitle and it will automatically detect the dialogue and convert it to captions automatically. Of course, there’s always going to be some margin for error here. That’s why Zubtitle lets you edit the captions quickly and easily by simply clicking the relevant part of your transcript and entering or correcting the wording.
Zubtitle is an online video captioning tool that enables creators to make more engaging and professional-looking videos by integrating animated text, subtitles, and captions. Zubtitle is powered by Google and uses AI and speech-to-text feature to translate recorded speech and burn captions into the videos, whether on a widescreen, square, or vertical format.
Zubtitle is an online tool that makes it easy to add subtitles to any video. Powered by artificial intelligence and speech-to-text conversion, Zubtitle automatically detects the spoken word in videos and automatically times subtitles while providing an interface for review and editing.

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