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✅ Pros

Just ask your question, and Siri or Google Assistant will automatically and instantly search the Internet and provide you with the best result via bone conduction communication.
Review Pros
Zungle Panther will also charge in less than an hour’s time.
You can order different frames and different types of lenses.
Zungle smart glasses are also equipped with the all-new Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
Zungle claims you can enjoy 4 hours of music playback with maximum sound output after just one hour of charging.
The sound from the sunglasses is delivered into your ear using bone conduction speakers hidden within each end of the frame.
Glasses are treated by iOS or Mac just like any other Bluetooth accessory.
Not only will you be able to listen to music, but you’ll also be able to make and take phone calls, too.
Five different frame colors are available with different lens colors available.
Zungle Panther features 100 percent UV400 protection lenses in seven different shades.
You’ll find tiny volume buttons on the glasses’ left arm, along with play/pause, fast forward and rewind on the right.
There’s also your AI assistants and the ability to make phone calls.
It comes with Bluetooth 5.0.
Zungle Panthers are quite snug on the head.
It has significantly shortened charging time.
These headphones are designed to play music to your inner ear by sending vibrations through your skull.
Together with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, you will have a truly hands-free experience to your daily life.
The fact the glasses don’t block out ambient noise can be a plus, so you’re not lost in your own world when you’re crossing the road.
Because these are using bone conduction technology, it allows the user to listen to music yet maintain situational awareness.
The ZUNGLE Viper and its brother, the ZUNGLE Lynx, are both equally equipped with the bone conduction technology system.
Alongside the volume controls on the left arm is a tiny AI button, which calls up Siri on an iPhone or Google Assistant on Android.
The frames come in five matte-finish colors.
It comes with jog dial button.
Zungle is one of the few brands who actually listen to customers and deliver on their promises since their Kickstarter project.
The glasses also support Bluetooth 5.0 which should maintain a better connection with your Android or iPhone.
Every hour of charging time is equivalent to four hours of listening time with maximum sound output.
Zungle V2 is sweat and light rain resistant.
The glasses rely on bone conduction technology, to bypass your outer ear and feed the sound straight into your head.
Zungle says that the Panther sunglasses offer 100 hours of standby time, or 4 hours of playback.
Zungle sunglasses are powered by two 3.7V 120mAh lithium power batteries that charge in less than one hour by Pogo-pin charging.
It hidden USB port design.
Despite their size, they look like mostly normal sunglasses when worn.
The sunglasses can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Zungle protects your awareness of your surroundings with an open-ear solution to allow you to ride a bike or run without sacrificing sound quality or safety.
It has enhanced sound quality and leakage control.
You can also replace your lenses with Oakley Frogskin lenses.
The glasses need no wires to connect to your smartphone or MP3 player, they connect with Bluetooth technology.
With square-shaped Viper and round-shaped Lynx models, ZUNGLE offers a variation in design to capture the aesthetic appeal.
It has great battery and charging time.
It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.
With an IPX4 sweat-resistance rating, you’ll be safely able to wear these smart sunglasses even while you’re working out.
The Vibra speakers transmit sound waves to the skull via vibration and offer a new way to listen to music.
You can pair it with your phone to enjoy all the same music, podcasts, or whatever other audio goodies you’ve been listening to.
The bone conduction tech leaves your ears unblocked so that you can hear what’s going on around you.
These lenses are also designed to be replaced with Oakley’s Frogskin lenses.
Keeping up with the era of A.I., this lets you stay connected with A.I. Voice Assistant instantly.
ZUNGLE has worked ambitiously to incorporate customers’ honest feedback on its new products.
Their frontal frames are also designed to be replaceable.
The glasses are waterproof so sweat or being caught in rain won’t ruin them.
An integrated microphone allows the Panther to be used for making and receiving phone calls.
Zungle glasses are more practical when it comes to talking to your phone and listening to it talk back.
The Zungle Panther comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a seven-day no-questions-asked return policy.
The dedicated A. I. Voice Assistant button on one leg connects you with Siri or Google Assistant with a single click.
The Panther sunglasses look just like a normal pair of sunglasses.
The patent-pending micro-USB port is hidden on the hinge of the audio shades – camouflaging the technology from onlookers checking out your shades.
ZUNGLE intends to fully allow users to swap the lens and make it fully customizable.
To create a clear and powerful sound delivery they developed the dual-spring bone conduction speaker system.
ZUNGLE is also considering to set up a new program which will enable users to test the new frame before buying it.
The plastic frame of the Zungle feels comfortable and durable.
Zungle Panther weighs less than Ray-Ban Wayfarers.
You’re connected to the world around you and still able to crank Pandora playlists straight out of the powerful speakers coming out of your audio shades.
You’ll have seven days to return it (no questions asked), and there’s a one-year warranty.
The frames are also designed to be interchangeable and the company plans on making more frames in the future.
They have Oakley Frogskins compatible lenses.
The lithium polymer battery only takes an hour to charge and should supply 4 hours of music playback.
It has a sleek new look.
The Zungle Panther audio shades come in five different frame and lens color combinations.
The Viper allows you to pick up phone calls and answer them.

❌ Cons

It has very tight fit and is uncomfortable.
Music sounds harsh while lacking bass, which is likely to disappoint people who care about sound quality.
Sound quality obviously suffers from bone conduction.
Unfortunately, whatever speaker technology is being used by Zungle means the world around us could also hear our music, making them somewhat less discreet.
Sound quality needs improvement.
The price is may be a bit high.
It has 5g more weight than the previous model.
The sound leakage is noticeable at higher volume.
A longer battery life would be more ideal seeing as this wearable wireless device was fashioned to be ultra portable and used while relaxing/ commuting.
The fact the speakers aren’t inside your ears means they also leak a lot more sound than earbuds.
The glasses don’t feature a hidden camera.
You can still hear the outside world around you.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Most people would be better served spending their money on earbuds or headphones that can talk to their phone’s assistant, so they can stick with their sunglasses of choice. If you’re prepared to part with your old sunglasses this summer, and you’re not too fussed about sound quality, then Zungle offers an easy way to go hands-free.
Zungle Panther is probably the most well-known bone conduction sunglasses there is on the market. It’s not the earliest, but it’s definitely the most successful one regardless of the product quality. Generally speaking, I don’t regret buying Zungle. These sunglasses are perfect when you wear them in the right place.
This is a must have device for people who are looking to replace their classic headphones for a fashionable and safe audio device. Atlhough the sound leakage is noticeable at higher volume (sth to still enhance with a next version), the Zungle Viper bone conduction sunglasses or music sunglasses overall meet my desires and up until now I am a satisfied user.
Zungle is one of the few brands who actually listen to customers and deliver on their promises since their Kickstarter project. The upgrade we love most is the sound leakage control. It’s without a doubt better contained, allowing a higher privacy level. If you’ve never tried a pair of bone conduction glasses, we highly recommend Zungle Viper to be your first.
Stronger and smarter ZUNGLE V2 provides people with omnipresent experiences of their music and A.I. Voice assistant while lighter and full water resistant Spectacles V2 lets people capture videos and photos of their moments.
Priced at $149.99, the wireless accessory aims to be a safe headphone replacement, allowing your ears to hear the noise around you while sound is transmitted through bone conduction. Sound quality obviously suffers from bone conduction.
Do you think you like the ZUNGLE Viper or its brother the ZUNGLE Lynx? If you think the answer is yes, you should consider buying them because we believe they are great. And are full of new futures. The price may be a bit high, but I have to say that these are Good Cheap Sunglasses or so-called Bluetooth Glasses.
As a glasses wearer, I know that wearing any type of earphone with the glasses can be uncomfortable at best. Zungle takes care of that problem by incorporating Bluetooth headphones into the frame of their sunglasses themselves. And they added a dedicated A. I. Voice Assistant button that launches Siri or Google Assistant automatically.
With similar design features as Ray Ban’s Wayfarer, the Zungle Panther is a set of audio shades with built-in bone conduction speakers. By connecting your lightweight (0.1 lb) shades to your smart phone via Bluetooth, you’re able to whip around town listening to your favorite playlists.
If you’re looking for a way to combine sunglasses, bone conduction headphones, and Siri or Google Assistant into one package, then ZUNGLE is one consideration.
Zungle Panther sunglasses promise to help you “wear the beats” using nifty bone conduction technology in Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses. The stylish sunglasses have already created a buzz online and blew past their Kickstarter funding targets in days. You should hear more about the sunglasses in the very near future.
Zungle acts like any other set of wireless headphones and is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The headphones are able to pair with your smart phone and other smart devices. The lithium polymer battery only takes an hour to charge and should supply 4 hours of music playback. Honestly, a longer battery life would be more ideal.
The entire package includes the Zungle Panther, a micro USB cable, cleansing cloth, a case, and sticker pack. You’ll have seven days to return it (no questions asked), and there’s a one-year warranty. The Earlybird and Super Earlybird packs are sold out, but prices begin at $109 for the Basic Pack.
Zungle Panther sunglasses look like the normal shades you might see folks wearing, but these shades have something built in that music fans will love. If you want to listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts while on the go wearing these sunglasses you need no separate headphones or speakers. Zungle Panther sunglasses have built in bone conduction technology.

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