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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It has solid build quality and well-thought through design.
Review Pros
It offers responsive suspension.
It has dual disc brakes.
The power is on point.
The Explore is a solid hill-climber.
It is very stable, even at high speed.
Disc brakes are really effective and reliable.
The suspension is adjustable with a spanner wrench.
Apollo Phantom features a completely proprietary build, featuring sturdy and durable, yet lightweight multi-layered aluminum frame.
It has solid range and slick design.
The range is extremely impressive.
It is very reliable.
Front disc and rear drum brake work very effectively.
It has regenerative braking.
It has excellent overall build quality.
They have a live chat system in place on their website which allows you to get the answers you need quickly.
It is very smooth to ride on rough roads and at high speeds.
There is 24 month warranty from Apollo Scooters.
The Apollo has some built-in lights that will help you to be visible to others on the road.
It is super fast.
The Apollo Explore weighs 52 pounds. This isn’t light, but seems reasonable for the scooter you get.
It comes LED lighting.
An ideal scooter for long-range, the Explorer will let you explore to destinations where no other scooter has gone before.
Overall, I would say the ride quality on the Explorer is awesome.
The scooter can transform into such a compact package using a stem and handlebar that collapse.
Featuring an extra-large 52V 23.4Ah battery the Phantom offers up to 40 miles of range.
Sporting brushless motors with 1400W peak output, this model is capable of delivering an impressive top speed of 31 MPH with ease.
Command center lets you customize your ride.
Folding mechanism of the Apollo is exactly how a scooter folding mechanism should be – simple, reliable, and intuitive.
The Explore has excellent acceleration.
At just under 1 kWh of capacity, this is a lot of battery.
It allows great handling.
The braking is snappy.
It ofers great stability even in high speed.
It offers great acceleration.
Compared to many commuter electric scooters, 34 mph (55 km/h) is a big upgrade.
Apollo Explorer shines in the size department- it’s possible to fold the scooter into a compact package.
It’s rare to see hydraulic suspension at this price range so it’s an addition we definitely do welcome.
The pneumatic tires and suspension make riding very smooth.
Apollo Light has good range.
With Apollo’s extensive warranty and excellent track record for service, you better believe they ensure these scooters are built right.
There is 2 year warranty on all official purchases.
You can fold it down for storage. IP54 water resistant.
LED lights make the rider visible and add lots of flare.
It has great range.
You will get dual side-mounted headlights plus a central front headlight, along with dual taillights that blink during braking.
It has regenerative braking and nice colored lights.
Top speed, acceleration, power and range are top notch.
It comes with cool colored lights.
Apollo offers one of the longest warranties in the business.
The Apollo Explore offers impressive speed range for an e-scooter in its price class.
The Apollo Explore has dual disc brakes.
With large 10” x 3” air-filled tires (and dual suspension) you can pretty much do anything with this scooter.
It comes with forged aluminum build on the stem, handlebars, and the base.
It has has built-in taillights, visibility lights, and a bell.
It has sturdy construction.
3 speed modes and 5 acceleration modes allow you to dial in to the kind of ride you want.
With the Explore, you’ve got front and rear disc brakes along with electric re-generative braking on the motor that’ll help with improved range.
It offers plenty of top speed, acceleration and range for daily commutes.
It has decent power and acceleration.
The scooter feels nice and stable, even at top speed.
It is extremely well built.
It has great top speed & range.
It offers plenty of power (1.6 kW, to be exact) matched with a comfortable ride, all without breaking the bank.
The Apollo Ghost feels well made and solid beneath you.
Apollo Light is light and portable.
It is IP54 waterproof rated.
This scooter boasts instant acceleration to keep up with city traffic speeds.
Despite being 52 pounds, the Apollo Explore folds together into a very compact size.
It is super fast.
The lights on the Explore are some of the best I’ve seen.
The Explore has excellent braking.
It has tremendous power and speed.

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❌ Cons

Front headlight is a little dull. It could have been brighter.
The range is a bit less than advertised.
The only major con on this model is probably the lack of audio alert.
We wish it could handle heavier riders over 265 pounds.
It is hard to read display in sunlight.
It weighs 64 pounds.
For starters, we would hope to see a higher-mounted front headlight for improved visibility.
It gets hard to check the display in sunlight.
It has limited hill climb capability.
It needs better LED light for riding at night.
It has minimal off-road functionality.
Finger throttle takes some getting used to.
Displays are a bit dim.
Rear fender flaps going over bumps.
Folding mechanism can be tough.
It is pricey.
It is a bit on heavy side.
Front headlight could be brighter.
Shipping outside US and Canada is not the best.
At 52 pounds, it’s not a lightweight scooter.
There is relatively small return window.
Solid rear tyre can impact ride quality.
Shipping outside of US and Canada can be an issue.
Handlebars can loosen a bit.
The fast charger isn’t included.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Apollo Explore is perfect for either the commuter that wants a seriously comfortable ride and doesn’t need to lift it too often or at all, or someone looking for a fun to ride long range and fast single motor scooter with great build quality.
The Apollo Ghost does everything it’s made to do really well. It’s built like a tank, has incredible raw power, and reliable range. Brace yourself before you hit that red button.
Get the Apollo Explore electric scooter if you’re looking for a fast ride with a great range.
The Explore is a recently introduced scooter from Apollo that is well-balanced and features a long warranty. It’s ideal for riders who plan on using their scooters a lot — it has good range and comfort.The Explore is a bit heavy if you’ll need to carry or lift it frequently. If you want something that feels really fast, you might consider stepping it up to a dual-motor scooter.
The Apollo Explorer has everything you would need to enjoy a long comfortable ride. It’s comfortable, durable, and performance-oriented. Additionally, this scooter has a game-changing feature, though it’s not part of itself; it comes with a generous 24-months warranty, the highest we’ve come across in the market.
All in all the Apollo Explore is a fantastic scooter for those who are looking for a powerful, robust, reliable and easy to ride scooter. It ticks all the boxes for most people with some minor issues. It could weigh a little less or have better LED lights but other than that there are no real cons.
The Apollo City is certainly one of the best commuter electric scooters you can get for $1000. It is a solid scooter that can take lots of abuse. The power and top speed are more than enough. The suspension and brakes all work really well. The battery doesn’t have the ranged as advertised but range can depend on several factors.
Whilst offering minor off-road functionality, this model is a monster on the road. This brand are known for producing near perfect designs and a wide range of high performing eScooters. Boasting a brilliant range, top speed & acceleration to match, we feel this model is well worth its price.
Overall, the Apollo Explore is one of the best electric scooters to reach the market in 2020. The support and value are pretty much second to none and the 24-month warranty is an absolute game-changer.
If you’ve been riding Bird or Lime scooters but want an upgrade to a faster, more powerful, and more comfortable scooter, this would be an excellent option. At 52 pounds, it’s not a lightweight scooter. So if you want to carry it up a few flights of stairs every day, think hard about it. But for a daily commuter with high-quality production (and a rocking light show!), this would be an excellent option.
In summary, the Apollo Ghost feels like a well thought-out and executed commuter scooter that has the speed and power of other much more expensive scooters. It doesn’t offer any crazy or super fancy features, but it is solidly made and has the specs to compete.
The Apollo Light balances power and portability, making it ideal for commuters. It has a top speed of 22 mph, a maximum range of 22 miles, and the weight of the Apollo name behind it too, adding a reputation for reliability.
Apollo Phantom is not the fastest, or the longest range electric scooter. It is not a super portable folding scooter, or the mean off-road machine. But if you want a scooter that has a bit of everything and can adapt to any situation, this one might be a good choice. Phantom is a true game-changer that will start a revolution of rider-focused electric scooter production.
In short, Apollo explorers introduced the best-featured scooter for their customers. All the features of the scooter are fantastic. The Deck width and stability is impressive. The handlebar is easy to adjust, and the tires, brakes, lights, and all other features are splendid. The weight-bearing standards are also excellent, but the scooter’s weight is higher than other scooters to avoid uplifting the scooter. A must buy e-scooter for an adventure loving person.
Overall, the Apollo Light is an excellent choice if you’re looking to get into the world of scooters with a quality scooter at a reasonable price. Whether you would like to save money on gas or skip taking the morning bus or just want to enjoy cruising around town, the Apollo Light can be a fun and efficient alternative for city dwellers and e-scooter enthusiasts alike.

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