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✅ Pros

The color range is really extensive, with even coverage of each color family.
Review Pros
Brilliant colors are both dry and wet, with a vast array of pigments.
The vibrance of Arteza’s colors is remarkable, truly.
You can get some cool watercolor type effects if you work fast and practice with them.
Pigments are stunning.
They are perfect for different projects.
A wide range of vibrant colors are available.
All artists can use Arteza’s products.
The pens are comfortable to hold for a longer time.
Arteza also sent me a pack of 11×14 canvases and the quality was comparable to the ones I purchase from AC Moore.
Watercolor tube paints blended very easily.
Highly pigmented and vibrant colour lay down, with a plethora of colours to choose from.
It is inexpensive.
Seriously, these markers are super pigmented, especially the brush tip side.
They offer lots of techniques.
These paints are richly pigmented with a thick and creamy consistency, which allowed me to use less paint for just as vibrant a color.
The marker design is simple and minimal. You can see the ink color through the clear pen body, and it’s usually pretty accurate to what you see on the paper.
They’re great for beginners or students.
I was very impressed with how professionally and expediently Arteza’s customer service dealt with this issues.
It allows quick coloring.
I’ve tried three of the water brushes so far and they all seem to work as expected.
They work and color beautifully.
They have excellent packging.
There are 48 colors in this set.
Variety of sizes are available (47, 72 and 120 sets) to suit all budgets and colour needs.
The flip-lid tin and pencils themselves look and feel of high quality.
The price for these currently is competitive as compared to Pentel water brushes.
The range of colors is nice too
They have a good selection of bright and pastel colors.
They are good for glazing as colors are hard to lift and quite transparent.
The number of available colors is large.
The price is reasonable.
They are easily affordable with a low price point.
The brushes are self-moistening.
This brand is super affordable.
Replacement markers are available (in a 4 pack on one color).
Two sizes of sets to meet your needs for variety and cost.
Out of the box, the paints flow very nicely and it’s pleasant working with them.
The markers are relatively affordable, at about 40 cents per marker for the set of 100, or about 60 cents per marker for the set of 48.
The set includes a nice waterbrush.
The paints are vibrant enough and seem to have a fair amount of pigment for their price range.
The colors are saturated and vibrant.
It dried fairly quickly.
It is very easy to draw with it.
It is easy to use.
They have low price.
These colours offer superb blending.
Color chips in end are pretty accurate but I recommend swatching.
I really liked how consistent the dots were.
Colourists can enjoy the Arteza Expert Coloured Pencils without breaking the bank, whilst also achieving quality results with their colouring.
Sturdy metal tin palette is bright white and the paint does not bead up on.
Watercolour tube paints blended super easily.
One side is super textured, the other side less so. I used the less textured side for the drawing, and it still had a bit of tooth, which I like.
It comes with a brush tip, which is great for lettering and coloring large areas, and a fineliner, which I like to write and outline with.
They are durable with thick core and barrel, as well as anti-roll design.
It is cheaper than other alternatives.
They comes with a carrying case.
They are priced reasonably.
Supplies are comfortable to hold for long periods.
They’re suitable for artists of all ages and levels.
The names really seem to suit the pencils, and some of them sound delicious.
It can be used as a monoline and it is super super super thin.
They can be used for various purposes.
The tip is flexible and durable.

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❌ Cons

There is no pigment info or lightfast ratings.
I’m missing a nice turquoise in this set and maybe some softer hues of blue.
The triangle shape is strange, but it may be something that’s more comfortable for those with carpal tunnel
The blender brush isn’t useful.
They don’t play nice with water.
The packaging is flimsy and not a good solution for long-term storage.
Some bristles may stick out messily.
The colors had a tendency to stain so lifting could be difficult (but good for glazing).
Colour names of a few pencils didn’t match with the chart shown on the reverse of the tin,
These are not suitable for detailed work.
Color selection is a bit lacking in the 24 watercolor tube set.
All my real brush pens were fluid except one which I had to soak in water to get the color.
The 48 Piece Premium Real Brush Pens Set was a real disappointment.
Caps tend to pop off Water Brush Pens.
A few shades are very close in pigment and hard to tell apart.
Upon first receiving and opening these pencils, there was a strong whiff of what I can only describe as “very processed”.
The tray inserts look a little tacky
They are not sold separately.
Some of the colors I tried dried up slightly grainy and needed a few more layers before reaching a certain vibrancy.
Numbering system makes little sense.
They’re not available open stock, so if your favorite color runs out of ink, you can’t replace just the one!
A couple of colors could use a boost.
Some buyers received dried up markers.
They have poor selection of greys and neutrals.
If you draw over a line you’ve already put down, these markers will bleed into each other in undesirable ways, so let the ink dry

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In general, I think the blades could be ok if you see a need for that many different cutting blades for your crafting, but take care when handling the blades even in the storage case. The water brushes are fine and are currently priced competitively and hold a lot of water. Lastly, if you want real brush markers at the lowest price, these might be ok but I cannot recommend them.
Arteza Pan watercolor paints are fun and inexpensive. They work great on most papers even the really inexpensive Arteza paper. In my tests they worked best wet on dry as they were easy to glide around dry paper with a brush but I found them slow to disperse in a large wet in wet wash. They acted more like Eastern watercolors in that respect.
I’ve only just begun with Arteza’s products, and I’m looking forward to using them in future pours. The price is very reasonable, and the color range in the sets they offer is a great deal! I would love to see more range in their larger tubes so that those of us who create large pieces can enjoy the same range as those who create smaller pours.
Overall, the Arteza watercolor pencils are an excellent product that I would recommend to anyone who wants to use watercolors without a great deal of mess.
This is a great set for travel because you have a nice variety of colors to get you by in a pinch and the case has room for other accessories you would want. I think you would want more neutrals (if you like to draw and color people or animals) and greys to round out the set eventually which rumor has it will be released shortly.
If you want to make your work beautiful but don’t want to pay out the nose, this is the way to go. You can make beautiful pieces using any of the things Arteza sells.
Well done, Arteza – I am a new fan! I’m impressed with this product, and can’t wait to explore your other art supplies in the future.
There are a couple of small issues such as lack of certain color choices and the color intensity may vary some from one specific pencil to another, but these are easy to overlook when you consider the relatively low asking price. While we aren’t going to say that these pencils will outperform the heavy-hitters of the industry (that can cost multiple times more), they are close enough to warrant a serious look for anybody on a tighter budget but still wanting quality.
They’re both beautiful looks and it’s awesome to be able to get both a watercolor look and a more vibrant look with only one product.
Sometimes, the acquaintance with the new product may be quite beneficial for you even if you are skeptical about it. Thus, you should never neglect to search for new items that can replace your current device. The reason is that the old one may be out of order and its production can be discontinued. Luckily, nowadays, there are lots of replacements that have even better quality, for example, Arteza brush pens. And no doubt they are worth your attention!
I think Arteza’s 60 Gouache Premium Artist Paint, is a great starter set if you are someone who wants to try out gouache and even if you’re a professional on a budget. You can create wonderful things with it and there are a lot of colors to choose from. The pricing is fair considering what you get for that money. But if you are looking for even brighter, more opaque gouache paints, I would recommend buying from brands that use stronger pigments.
Made with a nylon tip and elegant barrel, these tools are best paired with watercolour paper. However, they also seem to perform on different surfaces and textures. No matter if you want to make Christmas cards or fill out your colouring book, this set is loaded with 48 beautiful, lightfast, and vibrant colours. It’s worth your money.
All in all, these are decent supplies for the price they’re offered at (pens and markers, not the sketchbook IMO).
I’m glad I finally tried these out after over a year of back-and-forth… I just had to know for myself what these markers were like! However, I’m sure there are more options out there that are more affordable than the Arteza TwiMarkers and perform just as well.
These pens are pretty awesome. I really liked the price point – I paid about $35 (with free shipping) for 48 pens, so the final cost is less than a dollar a pen. And, when you add that it is a double ended pen, it is a super duper deal.

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