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✅ Pros

It’s nice having proper, well illustrated instructions you can hold in hand and reference along the way.
Review Pros
They have exceptional Customer Service.
It also makes treated surfaces easier to clean and repels water more actively than waxed surfaces, especially when the vehicle is dirty.
Weather erosion is kept at bay.
The foam applicator and suede cloths are great quality and easily a $10 value by themselves.
Application is easy.
The bottle is also very sturdy, again insuring that you don’t unintentionally lose any of the coating you paid good money for.
If properly applied, Avalon King says that Armor Shield IX will last 2-5 years
The outcome is a glossy finish.
It has extraordinary long-life span – up to 5 years.
The product has innovative nano-technology.
The AvalonKing comes as a kit with everything you need including gloves, microfiber, applicator pad, and even a sticker.
Mre attractive price point give AvalonKing an edge for those who like projects.
Their ceramic coating comes in a swanky box reminiscent of a high end men’s cologne or a fine watch.
The kit is super easy to apply.
Very stylish presentation, arrives in a neat presentation case with everything you need ingeniously packed together and giving a real sense of quality.
Water does not stick to it.
Everything you need is included.
The product is stylishly presented.
It is fun for DIY enthusiasts.
The resultant coating can last for three to five years.
Slick gloss finish, leaves a real “wet look” to the finish of the vehicle.
It utilizes innovative nanotechnology.
It is easy to prepare and apply. Indeed, it is effortless to work into a solid coating of your vehicle.
Clear usage instructions are included.
Smooth and effortless to work into the clearcoat of the vehicle.
The car has an excellent shine and looks brand new.
It is very affordable.
Great water behaviour, sheets and beads beautifully.
It gives faster results.
It has superior hydrophobic properties.
It protects the surface from cuts and abrasions.
Cleaning and drying the car is now much easier.
t comes with an easy-to-follow instructions manual.
A single bottle was sufficient for my Kia Soul.
It offers easy application.
I was left with a nice “candied” gloss finish as you would expect from a ceramic coating treatment.
It produces a luscious glossy shine.
Avalon King Armor Shield IX is extremely easy to install.

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❌ Cons

One of our two review bottles flaked some dried ceramic coating that could have caused marring.
This is a DIY ceramic coating kit. If not perfectly prepared, the chances are that you will not end up with a high-quality coating.
It is not the cheapest.
We’d like to see more applicators included in each kit.
It requires work and time on your end.
It doesn’t last as long as Ceramic Pro.
Embossed logos on applicator suedes look stylish but we always worry about these marking softer paints, we would recommend using the non-embossed side of the applicator.
The cost, around $70 per bottle, is certainly debatable.
My only real complaint about the kit is the microfiber towel could be better.
Dedicated time must be spent on application.
We would recommend asking a professional to apply if not comfortable with suitable prep or if you cannot control conditions on application.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I have to admit, I really liked AvalonKing Armor Shield IX Coating. For the DIY’er you’d be hard pressed to find a better all inclusive, well thought out kit with clear instructions and a great presentation that makes you feel good about what you bought for this price.
Despite a few hiccups, Armor Shield IX won me over completely. It’s easy to install — just take your time and prep well. The gloss factor is extraordinary. And now my car’s even easier to keep clean.
If we had to give you the honest review, we would choose the Armor Shield IX Kit in a heartbeat. But yes, there is no denying the cons associated with it. Although the coating lasts a shorter time compared to other brands, the sheen provided by this is incomparable.
In summary, I’m super happy with AvalonKing. The kit is super easy to apply, and as long as you do a decent job prepping the paint pretty much anyone who can “paint by the lines” is capable of installing it. Compared to Cquartz and Gtechniq I believe this is absolutely on the same level, but the ease of DIY installation and slightly more attractive price point give AvalonKing an edge for those who like projects.
Your vehicle will look shinier and more vibrant in color for longer with a protective ceramic coating or glass coating application. Resist small scratches, dirty birds, mud, and water with a protective nanotech coating on your car and retain the value of your vehicle for longer with Ceramic Pro and Armor Shield IX.
Avalonking Armor Shield IX Kit is a fantastic product to acquire. The fact that a single bottle can cover up an entire vehicle is an astonishing feat. This isn’t the case with most brands out there.
We were particularly impressed with just the general style factor of the coating which from unboxing to application just feels more premium than many rivals. Importantly, this isn’t at the expense of a quality protection. Two months in and the coating is still repelling water as good as day 1 and looks fantastic.
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX is the best ceramic coating for those looking for convenience in application, quality as well as long lasting result.
The $69.99 investment and a few hours will net hundreds of extra dollars and days, weeks, or months of time sitting out for sale.

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