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✅ Pros

Money-back guarantee is available.
Review Pros
There is intensive 3rd party testing on all products.
Behemoth Labz sells SARMs, peptides, PCT supplements, droppers and a myriad of other products.
They offer supplements from anywhere around the world.
Their shipping prices and SARMs prices are very competitive, and regardless of the country you live in, rest assured they will ship to it.
They provide a significant amount of discount on bulk purchase.
From YK11 to S23, Behemoth Labz ships all orders with USPS.
Behemoth Labz has been around since the 1990’s.
You can buy the SARMs in different forms like liquid, capsule, etc. according to your need.
The Behemoth site is clean and functional.
They have sharp pricing & fast shipping.
Behemoth Labz uses Colmaric Analyticals LLC in Goodlettsville, TN, for it’s testing facility.
You’re able to track every order as they ship through USPS.
They are one of the few companies offering injectable SARMs.
I think they are quite fair in their pricing.
This company is based in the US.
They also provide a tracking number free of charge, and for orders over $150, not only do they have free shipping, but also free samples.
From S4 to Tadalafil citrate, Behemoth Labz offers a full guarantee on your purchase.
They are serving the world since 1990.
Behemoth Labz offers a wide selection of SARMS.
All the supplements consist of a high value of nutrition.

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❌ Cons

Possibly, they are selling some extra “gray area” products.
Injectable SARMs can be dangerous if not handled correctly.
Injectable SARMs can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
Their CoAs are around two years old and they don’t seem to be doing anything to post new ones.
Generally speaking, their customer support doesn’t seem to be that good, as people often complained about not receiving proper customer service.
The company didn’t respond to any of the negative reviews.
They may be selling some gray area products.

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Review Summaries
Behemoth Labz has been around for decades, always focusing on providing their customers with the best research compounds and SARMs. They are very reliable and offer a ton of different compounds ranging from nootropics and SARMs to post cycle therapy and male enhancement.
I see a lot of potential in this company, but they have to put in some elbow grease before I consider them to be one of the top SARMs sources. They have to fix their lab reports, start answering customer demands and be more responsive in general. As of now, I cannot recommend them as a trusted source.
Behemoth Labz is offering the best nutrition supplements. All the supplements are highly nutritious and made especially for sportspersons. Products go through the phase of lab testing before they come out in the market.
I’m not sure I agree with them selling injectable SARMs, but I guess there’s a demand. There are plenty of positive reviews for them and they have a large selection. Give them a shot!
Behemoth Labz is an American SARMs retailer that has been on the scene for nearly 30 years! It offers a complete range of SARMs in oral, injectable, powder, and liquid forms and it also sells nootropics, male enhancement pills, and post-cycle therapy treatments. Behemoth Labz has grown to become one of the biggest sellers of SARMs around the world and it is well known for its fast shipping and amazing customer support.

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