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✅ Pros

Like Shopify, it offers point of sale functionality, integrating with four POS providers, NCR, Clover, Square and Vend.
Review Pros
The store designs are responsive.
It is easy to use.
Ecwid is extremely easy to use.
You can also embed videos into your product descriptions.
Ecwid represents a really simple way to add e-commerce to any existing website.
Ecwid offers a fairly extensive knowledge base.
You can use it to present your storefront in up to 45 different languages.
For the plans offering point-of-sale (POS) functionality, you can take payments via your phone, assuming you have the app and hardware to support it.
They have created a store ‘plug-in’ that you can use with any type of existing website.
Compared to other e-commerce solutions on the market, Ecwid is fairly affordable.
It supports multi-language versions of your store.
Setting up an online store is very easy.
Ecwid’s is based upon a freemium business model meaning it is free to use the product and once you fall in love with it you can increase your inventory.
Language detection is provided.
Ecwid doesn’t offer refunds or guarantees.
Free plan is available.
The program is intuitive.
Ecwid charges no transaction fees on any plan unless you use Ecwid Payments, which charges the standard 2.9% + $0.30 fee for credit card transactions.
The storefront is highly customizable.
It has iOS and Android capabilities for on-the-go store management.
It has cheap monthly cost.
You can add up to 100 items and you have access to all payment gateways and shipping companies.
Easy Checkout is offered.
Plugins are offered for WordPress, Facebook, etc.
Search engines will have no issues indexing your store’s content.
It runs on a super fast framework.
It offers easy and quick installation.
The free plan is quite generous.
SSL protection is included even for free accounts.
It offers a unique widget format that can be integrated with any existing site.
Pricing is something that makes Ecwid unique from the rest.
A mobile app is automatically created for your Ecwid store which can be published to the Apple App store or Google Play.
Ecwid handles most of everything you need for your store for you, and what they don’t handle you can add through apps from their App Market.
The front-end translates into over 40 languages.
Custom development assistance is available with unlimited plans.
Point-of-sale functionality is available, and there are quite a few ways to implement it.
Compatibility with websites, social media pages and marketplaces provide unparalleled flexibility.
Integrating your new store to your existing website and Facebook page is just as quick as setting it up.
Responsive design means the site looks great on every device.
You get lots of promotional tools like coupons, discounts, bulk pricing and more.
For those of you who opt for the paid plans with Ecwid, you’ll find that you now have access to a large app market with extensions for your store.
POS payment options allow you to operate your store both onsite and online.
Ecwid comes with a free plan that is very usable – you can sell up to ten products with it.
Installing Ecwid couldn’t be easier. You simply create a new page on your website and paste the HTML code they provide.
They have a very helpful customer service team.
Ecwid gives you the ability to sell on a variety of different platforms.
It comes with an address book for customers and clients.
The Ecwid pricing is very reasonable.
All the paid plans in Ecwid’s SaaS model support digital downloads.
It is suited for startups.
The control panel is responsive so you can easily work in it from your smartphone.
Ecwid is compatible with Twitter cards and offers the possibility to sell directly through Facebook.
Ecwid includes plugins for content management systems, Facebook, Google sites, and more.
You can have an existing website, yet still combine the shopping cart with your current site to make money with the store.
Ecwid allows you to use a variety of different shipping rates for your store.
Free plan is available.
The premium plans are reasonably priced compared to other platforms.
You can create your own customized email notifications.
Ecwid will be especially user-friendly with a negligible learning curve if you’re blogging on a self-hosted WordPress site already.
You can add shop to any existing site.
Ecwid integrates very neatly with WordPress sites, thanks to a dedicated plugin.
Ecwid has a lot of customization available.
Free plan is available.
Automated tax calculations ensure you store collects the right amount of tax by the end of the year.
Ecwid is for eCommerce sites and it does well as both a full site and as just a storefront portion of a site.
The system has over 43 translations for selling around the world.

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❌ Cons

If you want to add over 10 products you have to upgrade to a higher level, even if you are still developing the site and not having any visitors.
You will have to spend some time getting acquainted with the basic features.
The level of customization and features available are extensive and it can be confusing at time.
Only basic design tools are offered.
Your plan will determine how much and what kind of customer support you can expect from Ecwid.
The free plan offering is fairly limited.
Two key features Ecwid is missing are native sections for reports and analytics.
It’s hard for product pages to be indexed by search engines.
CSS experience is required.
Ecwid does not offer a money-back guarantee or returns.
It requires manual coding and setup.
You’ll have to pay fees for the payment gateway.
It has limited number of apps.
Phone and live chat is for expensive plans only.
Customization options leave a bit to be desired.
It is unsuited for large businesses.
Free plan is limited to 10 products.
To use the full range of POS hardware when selling, you will need to be on the most expensive Ecwid plan.
You can’t change product URLs, which is slightly annoying from an SEO point of view.
No add-ons are offered.
The storefront could be sleeker.
The system is US-centric makes it inconvenient to sell to international customers.
Using Ecwid is considerably more expensive in the UK and EU than in the US.
Ecwid does not offer a drag-and-drop layout builder or even any form of live, frontend editing.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Ecwid is a powerful, free e-commerce platform that can be set up in less than five minutes. Ecwid is one of the best solutions to sell your products, services or downloadable goods online. You can tell the team behind the product is very focused and has achieved high standards in terms of user experience.
The main reason Ecwid is so special is that you can combine the shopping cart with existing websites. Most e-commerce systems force you to trash your old site and go all-in with their platform. Ecwid also has a free plan for launching small stores — great for committing to an e-commerce builder tool without really committing to one.
Ecwid is ideal for anyone who already has a site and wants to add a professional online store to it. It saves you from reinventing the wheel by designing a new website, and the fact that you can plug your store into a variety of online locations is excellent – your store can live on your website, your Facebook page, anywhere you can whack a little bit of code in.
Although Ecwid is perhaps not ideal for very large companies, it’s just right for smaller e-commerce businesses. Subscriptions are quite affordable and the overall the learning curve is small. You can start with the aptly-named “Starter Site” for free if you have 10 or fewer products to sell.
Ecwid is definitely more on the lightweight side of things, but it’s still powerful enough to be given serious consideration when picking out a platform to use for your store, especially if you’re new to this world as the free forever plan provides enough functionality for you to get your feet wet in the world of eCommerce.
Ecwid is a great product for anyone who needs an eCommerce portal or an entire eCommerce website. We use it more as the cart/portal for our visitors to buy things from our website, but if needed we could definitely use Ecwid to replace our entire website as it allows you to add multiple pages and be more than just a store.
Ecwid is one of the best ways to sell online, as long as you implement the best methods to improve your sales online as well. Ecwid is a sleek system, with super easy implementation steps, making it perfect for the small business crowd.
Ecwid provides an efficient solution for small business owners uninterested in building a store or Ecommerce site from the ground up. Site setup can be completed in a matter of minutes, and publication is instant. Compatibility is guaranteed through nearly every site builder, as well as social media platforms, allowing users to share one store through virtually every portal possible. Payment and shipping options are diverse, providing everything necessary to succeed in online sales.
Ecwid is different from other shopping cart software in that it works with your existing site. You will need to do some HTML editing on your own, but the process is straightforward and easy to manage.
Ecwid is an integrable website solution for selling goods and services. It provides store owners and eCommerce businesses with the ability to add shopping and social media components to a website for a reasonable cost, and with a moderate user experience level. It’s meant to allow clients to sell on any device and popular marketplaces like Google and eBay.
Ecwid offers a pretty robust e-commerce platform. You can set up catalogs of your products, including images, pricing information, features, etc. for each product you sell. It has what you need to set up shipping rate tables or information, accept payments from customers using credit cards, and all the usual requisite commerce-related tasks you’d expect.
Ecwid is a hosted solution for building an online store. Unlike competing products such as Shopify, Bigcommerce and Volusion, which allow you to build a new website with e-commerce functionality, Ecwid is geared more towards people who already have a website and simply want to add an online store to it.
Ecwid is an ecommerce platform that can be integrated with existing websites, social media business pages, blog sites, and mobile apps. It allows users to organize products, customize their storefront, process payments, and manage customer orders.
They have created a store ‘plug-in’ that you can use with any type of existing website. Search engines will have no issues indexing your store’s content. You can also embed videos into your product descriptions.

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