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✅ Pros

You can see the pay, type of file (audio/video), how long it is, and deadline.
Review Pros
You can choose as many projects as you like.
The site is based in the UK but they hire worldwide.
Transcription guidelines are provided to maintain consistency within the company.
All you need is a computer and fast internet to start working.
When choosing a job, you have the option of listening to it first, and you do this by clicking on the video icon that is at the end of every job post.
You can be a citizen of any country.
Once you get good and transcribing you can easily find other clients, directly, and earn a lot more.
There is no need for you to have any experience as a transcriber what so ever.
You have the freedom to choose which audio you’d like to do.
You do not need any experience to apply and take the transcription test.
Since the quality of audio and clarity of the speakers in the audio vary, you can listen to the audio first and check if you can do it.
There is a lot of work available.
Work is available 24/7.
GoTranscript merges the individual sections and checks for any inconsistencies between them.
As a transcriber with GoTranscript, you have the opportunity to earn up to $150 per month.
GoTranscript pays their transcribers with Paypal and Payoneer which are two of the most popular ways to get paid online.
GoTranscript pays every Friday.
If you keep a rating of 4.5 out of 5 you can apply to become an editor.
It seems there’s no minimum threshold you have to meet to get paid.
GoTranscript uses 2,048-bit SSL encryption to protect your files and operates under strict NDA policies.
The platform is a good launch pad to dive into transcription work and earn some experience.
In addition to transcribing, you can also be an Editor.
One of the best parts of the site comes from how easy it is for you to apply for the site.
You do not need transcription experience to apply at Go Transcript.
GoTranscript offers a flexible working plan so it means you get to choose how much or how little you would like to work.
Overall it is a very simple process.
There’s no minimum or maximum amount of time you must work.
You’ll be able to see the type of file, how long it is, the deadline, etc.
This company accepts transcribers from every place on the Earth.
Transcription services can save you a ton of time and frustration if you work with a lot of audio or video files.
The absolute cheapest option costs $0.90 per minute.
You can get regular feedback through the proofreaders on this site.
It’s great that they hire from anywhere in the world, unlike the case with many other similar websites and work at home opportunities.
You can work with them from the comfort of your home.
GoTranscript has their own in house transcription software.
Transcribers get paid for every transcription work you put in by the minute.
This site is perfect for people who have some experience with relevant jobs and want to make more money.
You can make is $0.60 per audio minute that you transcribe.
You can also add subtitles to videos and captions to other programs.
You can get the fexible working hours.
You can become a transcriber from anywhere in the world, everyone is welcomed.
As a transcriber you are able to work as little or as much as you want to.
You can freely choose which projects you want to work on.
Today the site has more than 1,000 transcriptionists and 500 proofreaders.
The site claims that the average earnings per month are at $150 and the top earners make $1215.
There is poor quality audio that transcribers have to grapple with.
There is no limit to the type of project you can work on while working with GoTranscript.
It gives you the option to delete files at will from your dashboard and removes all traces of the data from your assigned transcriptionists’ computers.
Editors can request payment after submission of work.
If you manage a score of at least 4.5, then the doors are open for you to become an editor as well.
Average ratings of 4.5 and above, you may work as an editor.
Anything above a 4.5, presents opportunities to become an editor.
As long as you have access to the internet then you can just whip out your laptop anywhere in the world and start working.
No experience is necessary.
It is an easy and simple process to apply at GoTranscript.
You get a chance to grow your skills through the consistent feedback given.
Go Transcript is best for new be transcriptionists looking to get started and gain some experience.
Everything you’ll need to be a transcriber will be given to you from the company.
You’ll have the freedom to choose whatever projects you want to complete while working for GoTranscript.
It sounds promising for those who are willing to work hard.
They have a transcription tool you’ll be using to work which is not something we can say for most other websites.
There are no minimum typing skills required and there is an even a option to extend time if you happen to be slow typist.
There is no minimum payment threshold and you are paid on time every Friday.
Transcription software is provided to you by GoTranscript, there is no need to download anything.
You can get the best from this site when you type fast, and you are not afraid to work.
You can enjoy work variety as you will be handling different transcription projects.
You get weekly payouts via PayPal or Payoneer for the work completed the previous week.
Their online transcription tool saves your work every 30 seconds and thankfully, most of the basic formatting has been done for you.
If you choose PayPal for payments, the company pays any transaction fees applied.
As you progress with their platform you can be promoted to an editor, which pays a little better.

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❌ Cons

If you transcribe something that has a correctness score of less than 3.5, then you don’t get paid.
You will not be paid for three recurring jobs that have been rated 3.4 and below.
Transcription is too low paying and the work too boring to be worth it.
There are a fairly high number of complaints about horrible quality audio compared to others.
You’ll have to pass an assessment test before you can gain access to live jobs.
You need to have a computer that’s in a good working condition, a pair of headsets and a fast internet connection.
There’s not much feedback on the company.
It is not a get – rich – quick scheme.
Your English skills must be at a good level.
Work-from-home applicants must have a computer with internet access.
A lot of members have been complaining about audio quality in their tasks.
Professional transcribers think the pay is exceptionally low for the industry.
Transcribers on the website say you’ll have to work your ass off to make a livable income.
Editors are paid much more than the transcribers.
It takes hard work.
Top earners may also need additional equipment to help them transcribe faster, such as a foot pedal to pause/forward/rewind audio more efficiently.
It is not good for beginners.
It seems to me that there is a lack of work here.
The pay is pretty low.
You need to make sure your ratings are consistently above 3.4, otherwise you would be removed from GoTranscript and your previous accumulated earning will not be paid.
The client base seems to be all over the place but at least you can choose the ones that you actually know how to handle.
GoTranscript is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.
There are lots of extra costs.
Their test file has a non-native speaker and the audio quality is a bit low.
Some of the files may not be too clear and easy to transcribe.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
GoTranscript is not a scam, if you do a good job transcribing audio then you will get paid. This site has lots of positive reviews everywhere and so there’s nothing to worry about here. Although they’re a legit site that pays, there are better ways to make money online. Transcription is too low paying and the work too boring to be worth it.
GoTranscript is a human-based transcription service that produces decent results in testing, but its web editor lacks high-end features and its fees can add up quickly.
Go Transcript can employ you to perform proofreading and transcription tasks.If that’s something you’re interested to do, the company has a lot to offer. But It is not a get – rich – quick scheme.
GoTranscript is a site for people who look for transcription services and transcribers who want to earn some extra from home. The site is based in the UK but they hire worldwide. The site claims that the average earnings per month are at $150 and the top earners make $1215.
It’s amazing as to how you can get work off of GoTranscript on a regular basis.This is an attractive site that will give you an extensive variety of things to do. You’ll surely be successful if you work hard enough and you take a closer look at how well you can complete certain tasks.
GoTranscript is a beginner friendly online transcription company that deals in transcription, translations and captioning services. GoTranscript has their own in house transcription software. There are no minimum typing skills required and there is an even a option to extend time if you happen to be slow typist.
GoTanscript is simply an online-only transcription and translation company. They offer a freelance transcription job. Employed, unemployed or even students looking for a summer job, you’re most welcome to apply and be part of their growing professional transcriptionists/transcribers team. Work at the comfort of your home and manage your own time.
The purpose of Go Transcript these to provide transcription services for clients. Overall there are some upsides to this particular transcription company, but also some downsides.
Go Transcript offers a work at home transcription job that does not require experience. Before you’re accepted you need to pass their test, so some experience will obviously help out. The pay is pretty low and you have to invoice Go Transcript via PayPal to get paid.
GoTranscript is not a scam. They also hire from anywhere in the world and pay via PayPal and Payoneer. Perhaps if they get themselves listed with the Better Business Bureau we can be even happier.
The platform is okay but the payments are a bit too low and the audio quality is quite poor as well. So if Go Transcript could up their payments and improve the audio quality of files, it could be a really nice platform to work with.
They are a transcription and translation company boasting of high-end clients such as BBC, Netflix, Bose and more. The company accepts transcribers from all over the world and provides online transcription jobs for beginners.
GoTranscript is calling all freelancers to work online providing translation, transcription, or captioning services. Convert audio and video files into text from anywhere in the world. Beginners and pros alike can start earning today.
GoTranscript is an online company that provides professional transcription and translation service to its wide range of customers that cut across the globe. GoTranscript is constantly looking for ways to hire freelance transcriptions who have the skills, confidence, and pride needed to produce high-quality transcription work.
GoTranscript has amazing audio transcription jobs for beginners. It does not require much to start and you get a chance to grow your transcription skills. The pay is not much but as a beginner, you have to start somewhere.

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