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✅ Pros

It thrusts you forward with great power and performance the moment you start pedaling, making it a great choice for riders who admire a good speed during their ride.
Review Pros
The smaller touches and accessories neatly enhance the experience with a powerful front light and LCD display unit for all your most important ride stats.
The bike was very stable, even at high speeds and we had high levels of traction on nearly every surface.
The motor pushes out some serious power, even in tough conditions like gravel, loose rock, mud or sand, tests where off-road ebikes can often fall short.
Fitted with a 750W motor and trusty Samsung battery to match, the Himiway Electric Cruiser has a range that can reach 60 miles on a single charge.
The alloy frame is lightweight, sturdy, and designed to make your rides enjoyable.
Comfortable saddle does well for longer rides.
The slick wood rear rack is easy to assemble and Himiway touts that it’s usable as an extra passenger seat.
The big wheels combined with the front and rear suspension means that bumps are much less noticeable.
The power is plentiful and it comes on very strong.
The alloy rims are lightweight and comfortable, and they’re great for absorbing shocks when you run into ruts or bumps.
The alloy V-brakes and mechanical disc brakes perform well even in wet conditions, and they’re great for bringing you to a swift stop whenever you need it.
The 2-year warranty is applaudable as most eBike providers only offer a limited warranty.
Fat tires offer good traction and stability even during harsh conditions.
You can control the assistance with 5 pedal assist levels or throttle, depending on the terrain and your needs.
Covered by a two-year comprehensive warranty, this is a solid warranty and better than many bikes out there which are only covered for one year.
The aluminum frame is lightweight yet provides a sturdy and long-lasting impression.
It comes with a 7-speed drivetrain that is quite adequate for pedaling up to 30mp and getting up some hills.
The instructions are fairly easy to follow and give the Escape an added boost and increase the overall maximum speed.
The dual suspension simply means that you’re going to get a much smoother rider overall.
It comes with 80 Nm torque which is amazing for a bike like this that is composed of entry-level components.
There is a twist grip that acts as a throttle.
The Motor in the Himiway Escape is incredibly powerful.
The Himiay is an all-terrain ebike that suits almost every conditions.
It has fat tires, 3.8 Kendas and that adds to the versatility of the bike.
Himiway uses 6061 aluminum alloy.
The front and rear suspension forks absorb vibrations and eliminate bumps and shocks, which is especially important if you take this bike off-road.
Front/rear lights, fenders, & rear rack are included.
The puncture-resistant tires keep your adventure going safely and can work well with a variety of tire pressures to suit the conditions.
The traditional bike drivetrain uses a Shimano Altus rear derailleur on a 7 speed 14-28 freewheel.
You can use the rear rack to carry food.
Himiway Cruiser eBike comes equipped with a Samsung or LG lithium-ion long-range battery that helps you achieve a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge.
The Escape has a 750W rear hub motor and a 672Wh battery, which together will give you a 20 mph top speed and 30-50 miles of range.
There is a 750W motor that adapts well with the whole concept of a cruiser that can take you anywhere.
The bike also comes with a big LCD display that is easily readable under the direct sun.
It has adjustable front suspension w/ lockout.
The 48V 17.5Ah battery provides plenty of range. Even for a bigger, stronger bike, you can expect many miles on a single charge.
The seating position of the Himiway All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike is totally upright.
Going off-road is definitely possible thanks to 20″ x 4″ tires, a 7-speed drivetrain, and mechanical disc brakes.
I really appreciate the mounting points that Himiway has included here, there are bosses for mounting front and rear fenders as well as a front rack.
Powering the Cruiser is a massive 48-volt 17.5 amp-hour battery built with Samsung cells.
Himiway uses 48V 14Ah Samsung lithium ion batteries to ensure a long life span and excellent performance.
You can even ride past the sunset, thanks to bright front and rear lights and numerous reflective details.
The Himiway Escape is low enough that jumping on and off the bike is super easy.
The fat tires smoothly roll over surfaces with ease.
Excellent battery life offers more mileage on both the riding modes.
The fat tires help to survive all-type of terrain. It offers excellent traction, even on sand.
It has comfortable handlebar position + handles.
At $1499 the Himiway All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike is an affordable option.
It comes with 750w Bafang hub-drive motor.
The battery is an 840Wh lithium unit good for 30-60 miles of range depending on your use.
Through a software unlock that is posted on the Himiway Website, you can unlock more power and increase the maximum speed from 20 MPH to 28 MPH.
The Cruiser also includes an adjustable-length kickstand.
Commuting is easier thanks to the rear rack and integrated lights.
The battery allows several miles on a single charge.
Himiway Cruiser comes with one of the most important accessories, which is the LCD display.
The Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Bike is a super comfortable e-bike that you can ride all day without feeling exhausted or in pain.
The battery is long-lasting and has a good range, and the speeds are fast enough to keep you satisfied.
Premium build quality is combined with excellent performance.
If you are someone who likes power, you are going to like this e-bike.
It also includes a heavy-duty kickstand made from aluminum that will keep this eBike steady on any type of surface.
It comes equipped with a front air suspension, fat tires, and hydraulic brakes.

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❌ Cons

There is no cadence sensor.
The Himiway Escape is priced at $1,699, which can seem expensive for people who aren’t used to buying an ebike.
The fixed seat can make pedaling uncomfortable.
You may come across a slight delay in pedal assistance when you are pedaling.
The Himiway Escape has a low, sleek profile, but it’s also super heavy.
Mechanical disc brakes are good but, hydraulic would be nice for e-bikes.
The mph readout glitches and will go to 5 mph randomly for a couple seconds when you are going around 20 Mph.
There is slight delay in pedal assistance when you start pedaling.
The extra wide tires can make turning on pavement or in tight situations a little awkward.
PAS has a lot of power and gets you up to speed quickly, but we would have liked a little more variation in how much speed you get amongst the different assist levels.
The bike comes in single frame size and single color option.
It may be somewhat upright, but this isn’t a cruiser for the beach.
I like these Kenda Krusade tires but I do want to note that they don’t include puncture protection.
It has entry-level components all around.
When you begin pedaling, there is a slight delay in pedal assistance. Starting to ride results in a one-second lag.
As with most ebikes in this price range, there is no torque sensor in the cranks.
Mechanical disc brakes are easy to maintain as well as adjust, however, they lack the immediate stopping power and take more grip strength to actuate compared to hydraulic brakes.
It is only available in one frame size so it may not work well for very large or very small riders.
The charger is basic and this makes recharging the batteries quite cumbersome.
The Kenda fat tires are excellent but offer drag without motor power.
The independent light in the rear means you have to manually turn it on and off as well as replace the batteries when they die.
The LCD display might glitch for a couple of seconds, probably when you are taking turns.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Himiway Cruiser is an affordable all-purpose electric bike that combines cruiser comfort with off-road capabilities and commuting utility.
If you want to join the green revolution, we recommend giving Himiway bikes a try. Use them to transform your daily work commute or add some fun to your free time.
I’ve had a blast with the Himiway Escape and think it’s an interesting bike for anyone looking for a moped-style ebike. If you’re a gig economy worker, the Himiway Escape is particularly interesting and it’s possible to think of it as an investment, especially if you can opt to do deliveries with the Himiway versus using a car. It’s not cheap, but you can definitely make your money back when you compare the mileage you’ll put on your car versus using an ebike.
This bike isn’t for everyone – and that is 100% OK. If you are needing to carry your bike or move it around often, this might be the right electric bike for you.
It’s definitely well worth the price since it’s wisely built without compromising the quality and yet providing a lot more than the competitors within the price range, and even in the higher price range as well.
For its intended use case, the Cruiser demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a bike that can do what it’s designed to do (and maybe a little more). Some concessions in terms of components and build quality had to be made to hit the price, but you probably won’t notice them unless you go looking (and you probably won’t care once you find them). For the money, there isn’t much about the Himiway Cruiser to criticize.
We are amazed by the 750W hub motor. The 840Wh (48V 17.5Ah) battery guarantees you a long ride up to 60miles with pedal assistant mode. Front fork suspension with lockout and fat-tire for an additional cushion effect. Moreover, the frame and parts are of good quality premium material. The bike is a steal for $1399.
It’s easy to charge the battery and interact with the electric system. Everything feels well made and solid. It’s easy to cruise through the city next to cars and buses and you are sure to arrive at your destination with a smile. The Himiway All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike is a solid buy as long as it fits your needs.
With other electric bicycles on the market with fast tires like the RadRover 5 on the market, the Himiway Cruiser ($1,699.99) is a sleek workhorse ready for all the elements. If you are prioritizing speed and power in your search for an ebike, this bike comes ready to impress on adventures and its range will run out of juice long after you do.
The Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Bike is a good value for the money, especially if you’re interested in an e-bike that’s easy to ride. It’s also perfect for commuters who need to travel longer distances on busy roads.
In a nutshell, the Himiway electric cruiser bike can be a great deal to seal where you get a good value for the money spent. The special thing about this e-bike is that it is effortless to ride, which makes it perfect for commuters. It can accompany you to a local supermarket or your workplace in no time.
The Himiway Cruiser gave us a new perspective on fat tire ebikes, with how powerful, quick, and plush the Cruiser is we couldn’t help but relate it to a Truck. The only way the Fat Tire Cruiser wasn’t like a truck is that it actually got good gas mileage, or battery mileage in this instance. The combination of the 26 x 4.0 Kenda Juggernaut Tires and Suspension Fork made us feel like we were riding on a magic carpet, even when offroad. These two components work together nicely and we appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into the Cruiser.
It is a great starter cruiser bike for $1499. It offers a pretty good value and the owner can get into riding, use the car less, explore the path, the beach, the sights and get off the beaten path.

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