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✅ Pros

The CCX is equipped with both torque and cadence sensors.
Review Pros
The seams on the frame were decoratively welded.
Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power with a 180mm rotor up front and 160mm in the rear.
The large tires that help to give a rider a butter-smooth ride.
It offers class 3 e-bike speed.
This cute looking compact moped gets 52V battery that goes to 121 km of range though its not a top speed.
It comes with hydraulic brakes.
Saddle is designed for 2-rider capacity.
The CrossCurrent S2 has a great ride quality with predictable, responsive handling and a sporty demeanor.
It is another model with three frame sizes, perfect for ensuring you get a comfortable riding position.
The remote is even pretty nice looking – not cheap like most other e-bike alarms.
LED Headlight, Elongated seat, rear and front suspension, disc brakes are hydraulic make.
It’s equipped stock with 28 x 1.75 inch (700c x 45c) Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.
It’s comfortable to ride.
The fun-factor of this bike is off the charts.
The top speed is 45 km/h that is being helped by a 750 W continuous rated rear hub motor.
The 676Wh battery is fairly large.
The RipCurrent S definitely has a bold look, especially in the bright red color.
With its fat bike tires and suspension, it can cope with off-roading, beach riding and will work well on roads for commuting too.
It has eye catching look.
Accessing the settings menu enables the user to increase the maximum speed from a default of 20 mph to 30 mph and beyond.
It has a powerful head light.
Through a tidy LCD display, you can check all your numbers.
This bike has a lot going for it, considering it is at the more affordable end of the electric bike price range.
180mm Hydraulic disc brakes are quiet and responsive.
20″ by 4 1/4″ wheel platform provides agility and stability as well as some additional air cushion.
With a large 676Wh (52V 13.0Ah) battery storage capacity, it came as no surprise that the CrossCurrent S2 had one of the best distance ranges in our test.
It is affordably priced.
It is one of the most affordable e-bikes on the market.
750w Bafang rear hub motor is quiet and powerful.
It feels just like riding a regular bicycle.
The RipCurrent S comes in three colors.
It has sturdy construction.
It has high fun factor.
For normal pedal assist, the bike works surprisingly well.
With a starting price of $1,699 the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S offers a lot of value.
Fat tires makes it easy to go on any surface.
The fenders are wide and provide excellent full coverage.
In addition to the built in suspension and amazing traction, fat tires can also handle sand and snow better.
Great Warranty provides coverage two years on most of the parts and a lifetime covering on the frame.
It is very easy to turn on the lights, check your wattage, speed, assist levels and so much more.
The bike features a 750W custom Bafang motor, which is at the legal limit for public roads in the US.
The downtube battery keeps weight low and Enhances balance.
The frame is constructed of hydroformed aluminum tubing that has been shaped to mold around the large tires.
It has powerful hub motor and long-lasting battery.
It offers a rarely seen Class-3 speeds.
It has clean retro minibike style.
Eco feels like riding a lighter bike in a tailwind.
It comes with a powerful motor.
750W is adequate power.
It offers dual suspension.
There’s a low voltage limiter that lets you set your own level for how deep you’re willing to discharge your battery.
Five colour options and 2 frame styles provide great all-around options. Making the bike feel fresh and your own.
It comes with a huge integrated headlamp.
It’s cool to look at.
The bike comes in three frame sizes.
The 1000-lumen headlight seems as bright as a car’s headlight.
The CrossCurrent S2 was relatively easy to assemble.
With a strong 750W rear hub motor and a top pedal-assisted speed of 28mph, this is the fastest e-bike in the test.
The 52v battery allows you to travel far distances on a single charge.
The 750-watt motor is one of the most powerful of those we reviewed.
The tuning of these sensors on the HyperScorpion is unique.
With Thumb throttle you can relax whenever you want to.
The wide street tires and suspension combine to make carving deep into turns an absolute dream.
The brakes are super strong and with fat tires and weight of the bike you feel super confident breaking even in emergency situations.
It offers front and rear suspension.
The Bafang motor provides up to 80 Nm of torque for handling tough off road terrain and quick accelerations.
All batteries are by LG, so decent gear.
If you want a brief burst of extra power and 750 watts isn’t doing it for you, you can hit the throttle while you’re pedaling to engage a 1,000-watt boost mode.
The lights are integrated and top notch.
The CrossCurrent S2 comes with an LCD Advanced Matrix Display that is an all-in-one console with a small digital display screen and button controls.
Heavy duty 52v battery is standard with 13Ah or 19Ah options.
The cost is very resonable.

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❌ Cons

It is nice that this speed pedelec has a throttle assist option, but it doesn’t have much of a punch when using this mode.
It has very basic display.
System-connected brake light is not standard.
Online-only ordering means that you won’t be able to test ride before buying it.
The Bafang motor does make some noise that is typical of most geared hub motors.
The battery takes 5-7 hours to charge from depleted unless you buy a separate fast charger that can do it in 2.5 hours.
My one complaint of substance is that I wish I could squeeze more power out of it.
The rear fender came already attached to the bike, but it was rubbing against the rear wheel.
The sheer power and speed will restrict where you can ride and what regulations you need to follow.
It’s possibly illegal depending where you live.
It has limited battery capacity.
The front fender was so difficult to attach.
The brake light inexplicably has to be turned on separately (something I often forgot to do).
Kickstand gets in the way when back-peddling.
Their customer srvice is poor.
The price is high.
It tips the scales at over 75 lbs, the heaviest of all those we reviewed.
Bike is heavy. 78lbs total weight with battery.
It’s not the best interface of LCD we tested.
We feel footrests should have been provided for the pillion.
If you try to ride this off-road, first you will feel this bike is expensive enough to do this 2nd it didn’t feel right with battery and hub motor getting so much shock from the bumps.
Once the torque sensor activates at a high level it will not adjust down to a lower level even if you slow down your pedal cadence.
No hydraulic brakes mean the use of a less powerful and less adaptable.
No adjustment points on seat post or saddle; standover height may be too high for some riders.
Unusual frame design may not appeal to all riders.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Seriously it’s a blend of all features that make Juiced Bikes e-bikes so good. Most other e-bikes will be either under-powered or offer 750W motor but only 11 Ah battery, or even have 36V battery. Very few offer torque/cadence sensor combo. and I haven’t seen 52V battery on e-bikes at this price level.
The HyperScorpion is a powerfully fast electric moped from Juiced Bikes, high-capacity battery and a custom Bafang motor provide impressive acceleration and range, available in the lower 48 US states with free shipping.
The bike performs well, even if it isn’t the sportiest, hardest accelerating e-bike I’ve tried. And in addition to the performance, you get a ton of features that you won’t find elsewhere.
It seems fair to say Juiced Bikes has come up with a terrific deal on the RipCurrent S in all its configurations. You’re getting a ton for your money, from a trusted company that’s making a real product rather than crowdfunding a prototype.
If you’re tiny, want a motorcycle, and don’t want to pay for insurance, there’s an ebike for you.
It isn’t as zippy as some other high speed pedelecs, probably because of its heavy weight, but it is a reliable all-arounder at a very affordable price. This bike goes fast and far and offers a very comfortable riding experience.
The CrossCurrent S2 is a zippy electric commuter/city bike that earned our Top Pick for Speed Award. This Class 3 bike is fast with a 750W motor, a top pedal-assist speed of 28 mph, and quick handling to go along with it. It has a sporty geometry and a slightly racier body position that works well for this bike’s need for speed. It also has an impressive distance range, making it a viable option for commuters looking to ditch their vehicles or public transportation.
Overall the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S is a fun and stable eFat bike that can be used in many ways from the daily commute to off road adventures.
Darn, a sexy looking compact moped styled with all-electric structure and sleek design is surely going to put anyone in tabloids. Take a look at the spec sheet above and there is nothing that looks missing.LED Headlight, Elongated seat, rear and front suspension, disc brakes are hydraulic make. Large tires. All we don’t see are footrests for pillion although a support grab handles are provided for the pillion. We feel footrests should have been provided for the pillion. However, everything else looks cool.
It is designed — and feels — like a motorbike. Wide tires give you enhanced traction, a low wheelbase augments stability, and the amped powertrain offers plenty of kick. This is a super fun e-bike with a rugged off-road feel that will take you (and a friend) comfortably around town!
Juiced bikes is one of the famous e-bike brands in market and Scorpion is maybe their most succesful e-bike in terms of sales number. Personally I enjoyed the bike but I won’t buy Juiced Scorpion at this price. As mentioned above there are better e-bikes which is even faster and priced lower than Juiced Scorpion.
The CityScrambler’s unpretentious style conceals strength, comfort, and speed, all of which contribute to a fast, fun ride.
As far as well-rounded commuter bikes go, Juiced does a whole lot right with the CCX. It’s super fast, it’s a joy to ride, and it has ridiculous range. It will also probably never get a flat, features a solid set of components, and looks good – in a traditional sort of way – to boot.
I can’t recommend this bicycle highly enough. For my needs, it’s absolutely perfect, and I’m so glad I bought it. It is well designed, well constructed, and it rides like a dream.
It is not perfect, you do sacrifice some luxuries and get raw power and throttle operation that other companies might intentionally stop, but for people who are looking for something a bit more for their cash, this thing really delivers where it counts.

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