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✅ Pros

The base of the Tattoo Balm’s formula is shea and cocoa butter. Since both are derived from natural fatty acids, they’re readily absorbed into the skin.
Review Pros
It gives cooling feel.
It is safe to apply on the skin, including on sensitive skin areas.
It enhances depth, clarity, and contrast for all your body art, while keeping your tattoo healthy and preventing ink discoloration.
It eliminates dryness.
This ultra-nourishing balm instantly enhances ink vibrancy as it forms a protective barrier on skin to help moisturize and soothe skin.
It is a combination of fatty acid, antioxidant-rich butter and lightweight oils that support the skin’s natural barrier while fending off harmful environmental stressors for healthy-looking, dynamic tattoos both old and new.
The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm comes in three different varieties.
It has been specifically designed to brighten tattoos no matter how old.
It is very lightweight and can easily be applied with a small cotton ball or make-up sponge.
It has all-natural ingredients.
These stylish black-and-white tubs and bottles will look amazing on your studio shelves.
It helps with itching.
The ink is brought back to life.
It is good for the skin.
It gives lasting results.
It’s more porous than Vaseline or Aquaphor, allowing more oxygen to get to the healing wound (aka your fresh ink) as it repairs.
You’ll also find frankincense, which is known to rejuvenate and de-age the skin.
It is made with all-natural, organic ingredients, which makes it very safe to use on skin that will be tattooed.
It calms itchiness and sensitivity.
It has sturdy build quality.
It contains natural ingredients.
It brightens the tattoo.
It revives and refreshes old tattoos.
Ingredients like cucumber and beeswax hydrate and attract water molecules to brighten things up. Recommend this to your repeat-clients, and your work will stand out on every canvas.
It is recommended by tattoo artists.
It contains vitamin C.
It is recommended and used by thousands of professional tattoo artists globally.
It is great for sensitive skin.
Vegan ingredients don’t leave behind greasy, oily skin.
It works on color, black, and grey tattoos alike.
It prevents ink discoloration.
Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm ingredients are similar to what’s in the Soothing Gel, including shea and cocoa butter.
Mad Rabbit has become a top choice for those looking for a top notch balm, especially for individuals with sensitive skin types.

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❌ Cons

They do not stand behind their product.
It should come with a tiny spoon for lifting up the cream.
There is no flowery fragrance; the smell is herbal.
It’s on the pricier side, given the small quantity.
It is pricey.
Although, it is generally considered safe, there are still some people who should not ingest any petroleum based products, so check with your doctor before starting a regimen with PME.
It can dry a little sticky.
There should be a manual in the box to explain how much should be applied.
The natural texture is sandy/waxy/gritty.
There is no flowery fragrance; the smell is herbal. The smell, on the whole, isn’t bad.
It has overpowering fragrance.
The natural texture is sandy/waxy/gritty.

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Review Summaries
Made from all-natural ingredients, the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Aid works great for all skin types and ink styles. It not just moisturizes the skin but maintains the vibrant color of the tattoo for many years. This balm keeps your skin cells healthy and protects them from UV radiation. It is petroleum-free and adds life to dull and faded tattoos. What makes it worth trying is its texture. This tattoo aftercare cream spreads like butter on the skin and rejuvenates it in no time.
From the foregoing it is clear that Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is authentic just like the Lume Deodorant, thus we recommend it.
The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is pricey for the quantity, yet it’s worthwhile due to its high performance and superior ingredients. You’ll not only see results the first time you apply it over a tattoo but there will also be no ink discoloration to deal with. You can rest assured you’ll get vibrant, protected tattoos and great skin health.
You may be better off just buying another brand of moisturizing balm, but this is not something that I would recommend doing. The only time I would recommend this brand is if you absolutely need a quick fix before starting any new tattoo healing process, especially if you have any allergies or pre-existing conditions.
The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is like a little pop of highlighter for my fine line tattoo. Each one smells amazing (though Frankincense & Lavender has earned the top spot in my heart), and a tiny bit goes such a long way that I suspect one tin will last me a while (good thing, because my boyfriend might run out first and attempt to snag mine). Though my tatt collection is small, I’m definitely keeping this product on my shelf as I consider adding to it.
If you’ve been tattooed before, then you know that your skin doesn’t necessarily feel the greatest post-tattoo session. That’s why you’ll love this soothing, cooling gel from Mad Rabbit to gently calm and heal your freshly inked (err, punctured) skin. It contains aloe vera, a known skin soother that’s rich in antioxidants and stimulates cell regeneration, as well as reparative vitamin C and argan oil.
This is the real good stuff. It has been specifically designed to brighten tattoos no matter how old. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm ingredients are similar to what’s in the Soothing Gel, including shea and cocoa butter. But you’ll also find frankincense, which is known to rejuvenate and de-age the skin.
This product is excellent for tattoo aftercare and if you want to keep your tattoos fresh and shiny. Whenever our team members go to the beach, they return with pleasing compliments about their tattoos. However, the brand could benefit by turning the lotion into a spray.

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