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✅ Pros

Alongside oil, the company also offer a few other products.
Review Pros
The company uses supercritical CO2 fluid extraction to ensure that the products have the best and are of quality.
Their products are designed from low-THC industrial hemp, rather than cannabis.
They are also organic and have no THC.
The diversity and purity of the PJ Pure Primary Jane vape products set them ahead of their competition.
It has extraordinarily fresh and pure taste.
They use low-temperature CO2 extraction.
It contains MCT Oil which is naturally extracted from coconut oil.
The CBD products they do sell are genuinely some of the finest in the USA.
It is full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil.
Premium Jane offers third party lab reports on all of their oils.
They use one of the industry’s most reputable analytics labs.
The company offers the best and high-quality products to its clients at an affordable price.
They also laboratory test each and every one of their products for safety, CBD content, and for the absence of dangerous chemicals, solvent residues, pesticides, and heavy metals.
They do have access to some of the country’s (and the world’s) finest raw material.
This company is one of the most legitimate in all of the U.S.
Premium Jane is an especially interesting company for its ethics and product choice.
Primary Jane products are thoroughly checked through cautious lab testing that is also done by third-party laboratories.
It has organic Sunflower oil.
Instead of offering a myriad of different oils and topicals, all with complicated price structures, they simply offer one consistent range of each type of oil, with an extra gummy bear range.
They offer free shipping for all orders made all over the United States.
Premium Jane offers a generous 30-day return policy if you are not please with their products.
It has organic Cinnamon oil.
Their products have unquestionable potency and effectiveness.

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❌ Cons

Premium Jane is available in very few select California-based retailers.
They don’t sell a massive range of range of products.
Premium Jane doesn’t feature on many websites.

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Review Summaries
All in all, this Premium Jane CBD oil review can guarantee you one thing: I will absolutely be buying more of their products in (the very near) future.In fact, like I said I may very well be switching over permanently to them from my longtime status as a Pure Kana user for my chronic pain. I find the Premium Jane Citrus-flavored oil to be better than Pure Kana’s Mint or Vanilla extracts, and with seemingly equal therapeutic effects and a slightly cheaper price point, Premium Jane has got me seriously leaning towards become a long-term customer.
Primary Jane is dedicated to providing 100% natural products that are of high quality. It gives them at affordable prices and offers and discounts. A wide variety of products are available at the shop both for human and pet consumption. It gets better with Primary Jane with the affiliate program that enables the members to earn extra income in the form of commission for every successful referral purchases made.
All in all, we can confidently say that our Premium Jane review showed us this company is one of the most legitimate in all of the U.S. CBD industry; not only is their complete product range potent and effective, but the company makes an effort to offer full transparency and lab testing, while still maintaining a practical and affordable price point.
The PJ Pure vape is a top of the line product, and there is hardly any true competition for it. In fact, I don’t think it is possible to exceed the quality of this vape. I loved the Primary Jane Vitalize tincture for my back pain, and I imagine that it is effective for other health issues as well. Overall, Primary Jane does CBD products the right way and I am sure that you will feel the same after using.
They are not only interested in making money from you, but they actually care that you use their products properly. Any company that makes the effort to ensure the wellbeing of their customers, especially through freely available information on a complicated topic like cannabidiol, deserves the highest praise. They may be a new company on the block, but they’re sure to grow even bigger and rise up the list of top brands in the industry.

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