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✅ Pros

They offer 1,000+ MBPS dedicated speeds with unlimited bandwidth.
Review Pros
Proxies are Immediately delivered.
You can get multiple geo locations.
HTTP/HTTPS proxies are offered.
They offer 7 days money back guarantee.
Users can get refunds within 3 days of purchasing a proxy package.
Your real IP address will be hidden without revealing that you’re using proxy.
Squid Proxy effectively has a three day free trial period.
If you have any queries or proxy related problems, you can submit a trouble ticket.
The Squid Proxies website is very easy to navigate and pleasant to use. provides unlimited bandwidth to its customers.
They have worldwide servers with with fast speeds.
They provide Unlimited Bandwidth without any server restrictions.
Multiple subnets allow you to use different subnet numbers to access a restricted network.
The terms of service set by the company states that customers can make payments via PayPal or 2Checkout.
We have never received a reply as quickly as we did with Squid Proxies.
Fast servers enable you to access quickly any information on the internet.
IP based authentication, does not require username and password while setting up proxies in applications.
The whole purchasing experience from start to finish is quick and seamless.
Squid Proxies has excellent customer support via email.
They also provide multiple IP subnets from various cities across the US.
Squidproxies guarantees that proxies will work for legal purposes, otherwise you can get a full refund within 7 days.
IPs can be refreshed every month.
They have quick and responsive customer service.
Paypal and credit cards are allowed.
The elite squidproxies restricts any advert on your browser page, hence disturbance by pop-up adverts.
Squid proxies come in a bit more economical than the other well known brand name Your Private Proxies.
Since it works with all browsers and bots support HTTP/HTTPs proxies, you won’t have any compatibility issues.
Services offered by support the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
SquidProxies can be considered as one option that is competitive with modern rotating proxy services.
They offer 24/7 access to proxies.
They have clear focus on providing working proxies for marketing bots.
The processing speed with Squid Proxies was some of the fastest we have ever experienced.
They have fast and automatic delivery of proxies after payment.
You are allowed up to 10 ips per order.
Fast and dedicated HTTP/HTTPS datacenter proxies are offered.
You can change your lP address to show a different location of your choice and access any restricted site.
They have 21 server locations.
Squid Proxies proxies are best used for social media automation.
7-Days money-back guarantee is offered.

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❌ Cons

They don’t provide users with any kind of trial period like some of the other proxy services do.
There is no trial period and the lowest package for shared proxies is $24 USD.
IP authentication only, they authorized access for up to 10 IPs only.
Use of Xrummer – a highly effective blackhat SEO forum spamming tools is not allowed.
Shared proxies do not allow IP refreshing.
All proxies used with Craigslist postings have to use PVA account.
For the shared proxies, there is no guarantee.
If you need a specific location/locations for your proxies, you have to submit a ticket after you check out.
The owner looks like a little lazy to add more new features for on their proxies.
It does not let users choose proxy locations while purchasing and is only available through support ticket.
If you need a specific location of proxies, you have to submit a ticket after you purchase/subscribe, otherwise proxies will be allocated randomly in the US. can terminate the proxy services without notice.
SquidProxies does not offer custom packages for special purposes. does not provide a free trial period.
It does not offer SOCKS proxies.
Squid Proxies is a company based in the USA and subject to US law.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
There was plenty of choice, the set up times were fast, the proxies performed extremely well and the support was fantastic. If you are in the market for affordable and high quality proxies, we would definitely recommend
Protecting your identity when surfing the web is no longer the preserve of geeks. By using services provided by, you can surf anonymously. Prices for private proxies range from $0.75 to $2.40 per proxy. If you opt to use shared proxies, prices range from $0.42 to $1.00. Customers can request new proxies every month. In conclusion, the company does not set restrictions on customer’s bandwidth use.
Being one of the earlier proxy services, Squidproxies knows how to best serve their customers. We liked their service due to their simplicity and straightforward business policy. They do have some scopes to improve and we expect they’ll bring those changes soon enough.
Squidproxies is a really old proxy provider. They are offering the anonymous IP service from 2011. They maybe are not the best but are trusted.
SquidProxies has proved to be a reliable and fast proxy provider with over 20K requests done to the YP business directory. We do recommend it. The only drawback of the given proxies is that they are only for HTTP and HTTPS protocols (no SOCKS protocol is supported).
If you are in the market for high speed proxy servers and you have decided to actually pay for a proxy service instead of wasting hours trying to collect free proxy services then Squid Proxies has our number one rating.
Squid Proxies is one of the few proxy providers that focuses exclusively on providing shared and dedicated proxies for marketing. Squid Proxies advertises as the proxy provider for marketers. They have proxies working with most bots and support most websites. They allow email, but only on large email providers, not with SMTP Port 25.
Squid proxies provide private as well as shared proxies for just about any legal use and offer elite anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies. Their proxies work flawlessly on just about every website. Also, no username or password is necessary as the proxies are locked to your IP, unlike other similar services.
Squidproxies are the best and recommendable to use. The proxies ensure a full refund if the proxy purchased does not meet your needs, and you have reported within three days. Furthermore, if you order with promo codes, you receive exclusive prices.

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