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✅ Pros

Video library and a blog section will help you expand your knowledge.
Review Pros
The platform forces you to have high standards for your trading.
It has low commissions and competitive payouts up to 80%.
Traders on the simulation can trade any CME Group product, while funded traders also have access to EUREX products.
You can get started for free.
They offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring from TSTrader’s expert coaches.
It has high success rate.
This company does award a massive amount of trading capital to aspiring traders.
If you have time on your hands and want to become a better trader, the platform is an ideal place to hone your trading skills.
Anyone with determination to succeed as a trade can use the service.
They offer free simulated trial account with a starting balance of $150,000 for 14 days.
Many lives have been changed for the better by this company.
There is no credit card required to register for the free trial account.
They provide free education.
It offers 14 days of a free simulation account.
It will help you become a high-performing trader.
It boasts a user-friendly dashboard that is fully equipped and easy to navigate.
There offer competitive payouts up to 80% with low commissions.
It is a high level and legitimate trading opportunity.
Simulator forces you to have extremely high standard for trading and to minimize risk.
There is an opportunity for traders with little capital to achieve a funded trading account.
It is highly capable charting platform.
There are no risks if you manage to go through the program.
The company does not care about age, or education level, anyone with the grit and determination to succeed is invited.
Funded traders keep initial $5,000 in profit and 80% of profits thereafter.
They provide performance coaching for free once trading a funded account.
It forces you to have high standards for your trading.
Using Topstep, you can start trading full-time even with a small capital.
It offers withdrawals at any time.
There is no platform fee for TSTrader.
There is a chance for traders with little capital to trade full-time.
If you have little money to start with, the platform gives you the chance to play with the big guys.
It offers an incredible opportunity.
There is an opportunity to become a funded trader after reaching the targets of the Trading Combine without an own account.

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❌ Cons

You do not know how much the evaluation will cost you, as it might take you a while to reach the goal.
If you do manage to get funded, a drop in your performance could cause you to lose that funding.
The trading combine is not easy to pass.
Funded traders are frequently kicked back to the simulator because of intraday loss rules.
It may take time to pass the two-step evaluation tests especially if you are new to trading.
Nickel and dimes members with fees and high membership costs.
It is only available for futures trading.
Monthly charges for services like performance coaching are not provided on the site.
Funded traders are treated as professionals when paying the exchange fees which results in higher monthly fix costs for exchange data feeds.
Many members of Topstep feel like the site nickels-and-dimes them with all of the charges.
It is unlikely to get funded.
It is hard to calculate the total expenses.
It is challenging to get funded because the performance criteria are very tough to meet.
While the charts are certainly above average, they can be a bit clunky at times, mostly due to their lack of auto-scaling, seen in the likes of TradingView.
Simulator rules make it extremely difficult to succeed.
You are unlikely to have your trading account funded.
Performance coaching costs another $195 per month during the Trading Combine.
It has expensive monthly membership plus $99 fee for resetting simulator accounts.
The costs are not very transparent.
You don’t show up without your A game and expect to survive.

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Review Summaries
Top Step Trader is a platform for the experienced and established trader. If that sounds like you, combining your experience with Top Step Trader’s accounts could be the winning move you’re looking for.
The website is very tidy, easy to read through and it looks good. Finding the information you need was very simple. Another incredible thing about TopstepTrader is the fact that you can start for free. For $195 a month, you can subscribe to their coaching program. The one flaw we found was that there is a lack of support for mobile devices. You can use it, but there is a chance to experience a connection delay.
TopstepTrader is a trading firm that seeks to recruit traders by evaluating their performance in real-time, simulated accounts. Discover how this trading platform could be an option for your day to day activity.
On Topstep, you gain experience and practice as a trader. The platform allows you to think critically and empowers you to make informed decisions. Your results depend on how much effort and time you put into it. The ability to hone your craft gives you the opportunity to work with Topstep’s capital. When you are ready to take some risks and dedicate a considerable amount of free time to the platform, Topstep could be your ticket to extra money.
If you know deep down that you have all it takes to make millions in forex trading yet your financial background limits you, the TopStepTrader is an opportunity worth pondering upon. The fact they give you their money to invest with no hanky-panky is proof that these guys a really serious about what they do. We’d encourage any serious trader (beginner or experienced) to jump at this chance and start making big bucks.
TopstepTrader offers many things that both experienced and inexperienced traders could benefit from. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, with TopstepTrader, there are a total of 13 trading platforms. This allows you to choose the most suitable one for you. Further, the full-scale trader recruitment company has an in-house platform – named TSTrader. Also, it offers performance coaching from TopstepTraders’ expert coaches as well as many other things. So, it is really up to you whether you will become a part of TopstepTrader or look for another company.
TopStepTrader is a legitimate trading opportunity. The company allowed me to verify every aspect of the business; they do, in fact provide a huge amount of funding to aspiring traders. The trading combine is not easy to pass, but those that pass become elite in their field. This company is growing fast and adding an average of one new funded trader, that I was able to verify, each trading day. I would consider this company to be global game changer on how the opportunities of capitalism are distributed. These are very serious people, offering a very serious opportunity to anyone willing to work hard and play by the rules. 100% legitimate.
​I like the free simulated trial account for 14 days that may give you an idea if you can reach the goal to move on. Especially the fact that there is no credit card needed during registration is positive. ​TopstepTrader is transparent but could do a bit better providing more info about the overall costs with some examples. The in-house solution TSTrader is a robust platform for beginners because it’s the most cost-effective. It is well organized and has enough features to get a better understanding of the TopsteTrader program during the free trial.

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